Latest iPadOS update breaks charging on iPad mini 6

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An internal Apple memo obtained by: MacRumors proves that the company is aware of an issue that prevents the iPad mini 6 from charging. In the memo it wrote to authorized service providers, Apple said it is aware that some users are unable to charge their devices after installing iPadOS 15.5. The company tells service providers and store personnel to inform customers to restart the product as a workaround while Apple investigates.
interesting, Apple says that replacing hardware with a new unit or installing a new battery won’t fix the problem, which pretty much means the problem is with the iPad mini 6’s software. Apple is beta testing iPadOS 15.6, which is likely to include a patch to fix the issue.
Some iPad mini 6 users names Apple’s discussion forum complain about the problem. One user tried several times to factory reset their device which helped in the short term before the problem returned. The user, who went by the name andycyphert, wrote: “I have done 2 factory resets/restores and multiple ‘normal’ shutdowns/resets. This fix takes about 3 days and the iPad won’t charge again until I factory reset or soft reset reset.”

Another iPad mini 6 owner found a way to restore the charging of the device. Pops geezer wrote on the forum: “Today it wouldn’t charge. Tried multiple cables and chargers (all Apple). Finally I rebooted (two buttons, swipe to exit, etc). After reboot started loading. Everything appears ok for now – I wonder if others have had this too. All software is up to date.”

Those with the iPad mini 6 hope that Apple will soon release iPadOS 15.6. In the meantime, you could test if restarting the slate like Pops geezer did will give you any success. Let us know in the comments section and we’ll update you on Apple’s response.

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