Last year’s Sony Xperia 1 III is less priceless than ever after a $300 korting discount

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Because old habits are hard to get rid of and Sony doesn’t seem really interested in really competing with Apple, Samsung or even Motorola, as far as global smartphone sales, the ultra-high-end Xperia 1 IV does not ship in the US several months after the announcement and will not do so until September at the earliest.

Not counting the obscenely expensive ones? Still priceless after a $200 discount, Xperia Pro-I makes the Xperia 1 III Sony’s latest flagship that the brand’s hardcore fans can get in the US… starting at $999.99.
To our knowledge, the listed list price is being reduced by a cool $300 for the first time ever at a slew of major US retailers, including Best Buy and B&H Photo Video. The unlocked handset technically supports 5G speeds (although actual compatibility with the fastest networks around these parts is a different story), and for your $999.99 you can get a pretty generous 256 gigs of internal storage coupled with a whopping 12 GB RAM count .
In a sense, the Xperia 1 III probably shouldn’t be judged by the “normal” 2022 high-end Android smartphone standards, which at the moment looks like no other such device on the market and offers unique experiences in terms of photos, content view and produce content with three different 12MP rear cameras and a 120Hz OLED display with an unparalleled resolution of 3840 x 1660 pixels.

Is that enough to justify spending $999.99 (along with “classic” features like microSD support and a headphone jack)? Most consumers might say no, but it’s clear that Sony isn’t very interested in what most people think and want… for better or for worse.

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