June Feature Drop seems to fix most issues with Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro units

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Yes, there was disappointment in parts of Pixel land yesterday after the Quarterly Feature Drop was released by google. The rumors of Face Unlock were a no-show and the features that were left out were largely duds or previously announced. But yesterday’s update came with some very significant bug fixes that could make Pixel 6 series owners feel better about their phones.

Most of the Pixel 6 series users saw a marked improvement with their phones after installing the latest Feature Drop

Treat the problems Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users have recorded cellular connectivity issues that caused Pixel users to disconnect from their wireless carriers. The laggy under-display fingerprint scanner was another issue that hindered users’ enjoyment of their new handsets. And the battery drain was also a pain for users who had hoped that the battery capacity of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, 4614mAh and 5003mAh respectively, would be enough to last an entire day, even with 5G and a 90Hz-120Hz screen refresh rate.

reddit users are weighing in on the improvements they have noticed on their Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro since installing the update. One redditor with the username salcin96 wrote: “I work in an area where the mobile connection is quite cross-border. But today, after the June update, my connection is more stable and the network battery consumption is less than 5%. Looks promising!”
Others reported that their Pixels no longer feel warm after installing the update. Speaking of installing June’s Quarterly Feature Drop (which includes the monthly functional updates and the latest security patch), many Pixel 6 series units have yet to receive it. For example, the undersigned has not yet been able to install the update and several others have posted on Reddit that the update is not yet available on their phone.

Not all Pixel users have received the June Feature Drop yet

And not everyone who installed the update has a happy story to share. A Reddit user with the handle ah208 writes, “I updated my Pixel 6 this morning. Battery usage seems to be the same, but signal keeps dropping when I’m indoors (same as December update, keeps finding no signal).”

One Pixel 6 user had the kind of experience that others fear will happen to them. This Reddit user with the handle fluxxis posted: “Never had a problem before. I got the update this morning, charged in the afternoon and three hours later I have 55% battery even though I haven’t used the phone at all. I’m afraid. I give it’s a Bye, because who knows what tasks are still running after the update, but if these issues persist, I’ll be done with my Pixel 6 once and for all.”

However, for the vast majority of Pixel 6 series users, the update seems to deliver as promised. To check if you have received it, go to SettingsSystemSystem update† Follow the prompt asking you to tap the blue button at the bottom right of the screen to start the update process.

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