It’s Official: Europe to Enforce Common USB-C Charger in Fall 2024, Goodbye Lightning Port

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It’s finally going to happen – Apple will be forced to ditch the Lightning cable in favor of USB-C, at least in Europe. The EU has now reached a deal to demand a common charging port for all phones, including iPhones. After ten years of talking about the case, a decision has finally been made.

Apple has to say goodbye to the Lightning port (at least in Europe)

In autumn 2024, USB Type-C will become the common charging port for all phones, tablets and cameras sold in Europe – the deal was struck today between EU members, Parliament and the Council.

The EU published the deal reached in a press release Today. The statement underlines that this new rule will make it possible for consumers to no longer need a different charger and cable every time they buy a new phone, and to use only one charger for portable electronic devices.

In addition, buyers can choose whether to buy new electronic equipment with or without a charger. In addition, the new rule will help everyone save up to 250 million euros a year, which, according to the European Union, would have gone towards buying chargers.

The EU has now given manufacturers until autumn 2024 to implement the new rule. In case you’re curious, the new rule applies to cell phones, as well as tablets, e-readers, earbuds, digital cameras, headphones, portable video game consoles, and portable speakers!

Laptop manufacturers will have a little longer to adapt to the new situation: up to 40 months after the rule comes into effect.

Some bureaucratic steps still need to be taken, such as the Parliament and Council need to formally approve the agreement and it needs to be published in the Official Journal of the EU. But once this is done, it will come into effect (20 days after publication) and its provisions will become applicable after 24 months.

Please note that the legislation understandably does not apply to products that were already on the market before it came into effect.

As for Apple, the company has previously criticized this proposal over e-waste concerns. In the long run, however, customers will have less to worry about stacking chargers in their homes.

Apple could be moving towards a USB-C connector anyway. Recent iPhone 15 rumors point to the 2023 iPhones may ditch the Lightning connector in favor of USB-C.

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