It’s 2022 and Apple Music is only now linking to Waze (on iPhones)

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It’s even hard to fathom something like this these days, but the world’s most popular turn-by-turn mobile navigation service and the second most widely used music streaming platform weren’t connected…until today.

Happy, Google and Apple has finally joined forces to bring the latter company’s Spotify rival service to the latter’s 2013-acquired Waze app.
That’s right, hardcore Wazers, It’s now officially even easier to enjoy a distraction-free ride while listening to your favorite tunes from behind the wheel (or in the back seat). All of your Apple Music content, curated playlists and radio stations included, can be accessed directly from the Waze Audio Player as of today, putting the platform on par with… almost all of its minor and major competitors around the world.
We’re not just talking about Spotify here, mind you, but also Youtube Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, iHeartRadio, and Tidal (to name a few), all of which have been “seamlessly” integrated with Waze for at least a few years.

All you need to do to access Apple Music directly from the Waze app is to press the pretty self-explanatory button under the microphone option to the right of your screen, select the service, connect to it and all. should run smoothly without pausing, stopping, or interrupting your navigation in any way.

Unfortunately, Waze and Apple Music seem to be tied only to iPhone owners for now, though Android users will likely follow suit… sooner or later.

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