Is that you, iPhone 14 Pro Max? LeBest launches cheap iPhone knock-off

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Premium flagship phones are out of reach for many of us, thanks to their skyrocketing prices. This is even more true for consumers who do not live in places where these devices come from, as it means they have to pay taxes and duties on top of already high prices. Despite, upcoming premium Apple and Samsung smartphones can be more expensive than their predecessors – consumers be damned. If you’re okay with making small compromise here and thereLeBest announced a new device called the X14 Pro Max, which resembles the iPhone 13 Pro.
LeBest is a real name and should not be interpreted as ‘The Best’ company, ‘the’ is the translation for the French word ‘Le’. However, we fully believe in the company’s potential, and who knows that its copycat tactics may one day quietly make it the (le) best mobile company.

Anyway, LeBest is a Chinese company and while the X14 Pro Max looks a lot like the iPhone 13 and the upcoming iPhone 14, it is basically a budget device. As MacRumors reports, the cameras on the back of the phone are aligned similarly to those of the iPhone 13 Pro, but it also appears to have a notification display on the right.

Apart from that, the X14 Pro Max also has a polished stainless steel frame and a frosted glass back. Besides the golden hue, the color palette also matches the colorways of iPhone 13 Pro, especially Sapphire Blue, which looks exactly like Sierra Blue.

The marketing material for the phone shows that it is rocking the iPhone 13 Pro wallpaper.
However, the similarities end there. The phone has a hole for the front camera, not a notch like the iPhone 13 Pro, or two cutouts like the iPhone 14 Pro. It also features a side-mounted fingerprint scanner.
Other specs include a 6.5-inch LCD display with a 60Hz refresh rate, an 8MP front camera, a 16MP main rear camera and support for 40W charging. The phone uses Huawei Mobile Services, which is: Huawei’s alternative to Google’s range of mobile services.

The phone will cost $150 and it doesn’t look like it will be widely available. Apple can breathe a sigh of relief.

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