iPhones on iOS 16 can swap eSIM cards with Bluetooth

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One of the little discussed yet important iOS 16 features include the ability to transfer your eSIM information to another iPhone via Bluetooth connectivity. Spotted by Carson Waldropthe option makes calling or visiting unnecessary Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile to issue another eSIM for use with the new iPhone.
Some carriers do this via QR code with their respective apps, but Apple’s iOS 16 approach will make transferring an eSIM smoother, provided your carrier of choice supports the eSIM transfer-via-Bluetooth feature. introduces.

In 2010, European carriers got pretty excited by Apple’s intent to become even more influential, soldering a SIM card into their iPhones and letting people flash it for use with any carrier they want via a simple app download. Well that’s what a eSIM is a virtual subscriber identification module chip with no plastic around it. With carrier subsidies long gone and Apple rolling out the eSIM iPhones with little leeway, US carriers have also embraced the eSIM concept switch left and right. For example, Verizon offers one of the easiest ways to set up and activate an eSIM card from the comfort of your My Verizon app.

If you prefer, you can also move your current plan with the physical Verizon SIM card to the eSIM by calling customer service or going to a store, and the same for AT&T or T-Mobile. It remains to be seen whether the US carriers will adopt the Bluetooth eSIM transfer option to make switching to a new iPhone in iOS 16 a bit easier.

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