iPhone power in Galaxy phones? Samsung picks up Apple chip specialist

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Despite the fanfare surrounding the Exynos 2200 chip with an AMD GPU, the Galaxy 22 models with Samsung’s internal chip did not impress. In fact, they were heavily criticized for limiting the performance of the S22 flagships to avoid overheating. Recent reports indicate that Samsung reconsider its chip strategy and according to Business Koreaan ex-Apple employee could be part of the effort.
According to previous rumors, Samsung has created a strength of 1000 members The Dream Platform One team will develop a chip exclusively for its own Galaxy phones. The company’s previous strategy was to design chips that it could sell to other Android phone manufacturers, such as Google and Xiaomi.
Because of that approach, there was apparently a buying and selling relationship between the chip production wing and the mobile unit. Samsung has now reportedly decided to copy Apple’s chip-making method, meaning the Exynos SoCs will now be made exclusively for Galaxy phones. The new chip is expected in 2025.

Samsung catches Apple expert

According to today’s report, Samsung has appointed ex-Apple employee Kim Woo-pyeong as director of the newly established Packaging Solution Center located at the headquarters of Device Solution America (DSA). Kim is apparently from South Korea and worked at Texas Instruments and Qualcomm before moving to Apple in 2014, where they spent nine years.

The report provides few details on Kim’s exact role and their expertise, stating that the appointment is rather unusual as the two companies use each other’s technologies, some of which Apple claims. Samsung stole from it. Samsung had previously poached Luc Julia, who worked on the Siri assistant, in 2012.

The report does not say exactly that Kim will be working on the Exynos mobile chipset. After all, Apple not only makes Bionic processors that power its iPhones, but also chips for its Macs and Watch, as well as U1 ultra-wideband chips.

That said, the report does mention packaging technologies, which are being used by chipmakers to overcome SoC integration challenges.

Samsung has recently started producing chips using the 3nm manufacturing technology that it claims will offer 23 percent better performance and 45 percent improved energy efficiency than the 5nm process.

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