iPhone 15 Pro with USB-C and Periscope Zoom Camera: The Perfect iPhone to Get Android Users Switching?

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“iPhone 14 isn’t even out yet, but he’s talking about the iPhone 15 here.” I know, I know… But my intentions are good, so be patient…

(which according to the latest rumors are now exactly two months away from release), is that they will give us:

story is for those Android users (and also those with older iPhones) who think that the aforementioned list of upgrades just isn’t enough to justify the switch from Android or pay at least $1,100 for an iPhone 14 Pro.

iPhone 15 Pro: Will USB-C, a periscope zoom camera and the most customizable version of iOS (16) ever attract Android users and those with older iPhones?

USB-C coming to iPhone 15, Android fans

Starting with the big one, reportedly, USB-C should be coming to the entire iPhone 15 lineup by 2023! The reason is that new European legislation from 2024 will require all phones (including devices) to come with a common USB-C port.

Technically, the mandate won’t affect the iPhone 15 (expected in 2023), but if the rumors are true, Apple will rush to future-proof the iPhone 15. This seems quite likely now that we know AirPods Pro 2 (coming this fall) should have a USB-C port – a first for Cupertino’s wireless earbuds, which would mark the beginning of Apple’s total USB-C transition.

5-6x periscope zoom camera reportedly coming to iPhone 15 Pro Max

Yes! Rumor has it that the highly anticipated modern periscope zoom, which we first saw on the Huawei P30 Pro in 2019, is finally about to enter the Apple universe. But not as a fictional character. This time it should be real! After loads of “confirmations” and phone calls from laymen, top analyst Ming-Chi Kuo now says the long-range zoom camera will be one of the main selling points of iPhone 15 Pro, and that’s exciting! For the record, Kuo outlines that from now on, only the bigger ones iPhone 15 Pro Max is expected to get a new 5-6x periscope zoom lens. That said, I’d take this with a grain of salt, as Apple’s current approach when it comes to hardware upgrades is to equip the small and larger iPhones with the same set of features.

Leaks aside, another hint that the iPhone 15 Pro series may bring a periscope zoom camera is from Apple patents, but also the fact that iPhone 14 Pro is expected to have only one new rear camera versus the 48MP primary snapper. In case you’ve been in a coma for the past 15 years, Apple is the kind of company that likes to… distribute the upgrades. A lot.

Android users, iOS 16 is now as customizable as ever

I’m aware that the concept of an iPhone with USB-C sounds shocking enough – for example, our editor-in-chief still doesn’t think it will happen. However, something equally shocking is making its way to iPhone 15, as well as iPhone 14 (and all iPhones up to iPhone 8) and that’s the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system – iOS 16!

A revamped lock screen with Lock Screen Gallery, iCloud Photo Library shared, post edit, Safari shared tab groups, passkeys (like a password, but more secure), and Live Text in Photos and Videos – those are just a small part of all the new and exciting features coming to iOS 16.

Many are calling iOS 16 “one of the biggest software updates in iPhone history,” and while this may be debatable, I think we can all come together and say iOS 16 is the biggest customization upgrade we’ve come to. have seen Apple coming. iPhone.

For the first time, iPhone users can fully customize their lock screen with iOS 16. Apple’s added support for up to five widgets that are always waiting for you. Plus, despite it being kept a secret, we already know that Apple plans to introduce the highly anticipated Always-On display feature with iPhone 14 (some pretty solid-looking ones). leaks essentially confirmed that).

Wallpapers on iPhone are now super customizable too. There is a feature called Photo Shuffle that allows the iPhone to automatically change the wallpaper on a daily/hourly basis, or every time you wake the phone from sleep or tap the lock screen. This one can make your iPhone feel fresh every time you unlock it. If it sounds familiar, it’s because Huawei phones have been able to do this for years.

Lock screen wallpapers on iOS 16 now also integrate a portrait mode-like effect, where if you have a photo with a striking subject (think: your face / pet / a building), your iPhone can automatically crop it and overlay it / clock widget on your lock screen. It creates a depth effect that makes your subject and clock look a bit more lively/3D. My first impression is that the algorithm is surprisingly accurate (often to the point of perfection).

iPhone 15 Pro could be (almost) the perfect iPhone for me (Android and iPhone user), but it takes a few more premium features to be “perfect”…

Of course, iPhone 15 Pro will not convince all Android users toss their phones and wake up next to a 7-inch iPhone Max. I made technology sound romantic – give me some points! But that’s not quite the idea behind this story.

Well, actually it is in a way, but this only concerns me… See, I’ve been using an iPhone 8 for a while and recently bought an iPhone 13 mini. I like the size, and I wouldn’t trade it for another iPhone… for now.

That said, the iPhone 13 mini still lacks some of the great features that my Google Pixel 6 Pro has, such as a USB-C port and a brilliant periscope zoom camera. That’s why I know I’m not switching to an iPhone 14 model…

But if Apple prepares an iPhone 15 Pro with USB-C and a periscope camera… Then we can talk!

Features that would make iPhone 15 Pro the iPhone Android users have been waiting for…

That said, it’s not like USB-C and a periscope camera will make iPhone 15 Pro the most versatile phone ever. I secretly hope for more. Here’s my Three More Things wish list, Tim Cook:

Reverse wireless charging on iPhone 15

RWC could very well come to iPhone 15 Pro (or even iPhone 14 Pro), but we still have no hints that it could. Anyway, every now and then I leave the house with a dead AirPods/FreeBuds Pro case, and when I want to listen to my podcast, the only option is to go back home and plug in my earbuds. This seemingly minor annoyance can be a mood killer. With my Pixel (at the gym, for example), I can just place my wireless charging earbuds on the back of my phone and let the Pixel do the work, so I can use my earbuds for the next few hours before I can go home and use them completely. can charge. Reverse wireless charging is the kind of feature you don’t know you need and it would be great to finally see it on the iPhone.

Fast Charging on iPhone 15

Speaking of charging, I can’t help but ask Apple to provide good fast charging on iPhone 15 (as well as iPhone 14, if it’s not too late).

A full charge takes almost 2 hours for the iPhone 13 series, and while the “50% in 30 min” Apple gives us is quite satisfying, I still wish I had the extreme convenience of my Huawei P30 Pro, which gave me a lot of satisfaction. full day of use after being plugged in for 30 min. Not much else to say here. You have to try fast charging to appreciate it.

Apple, please give me back my completed iPhone

This is a hobby of mine, but I’d like to have my rounded corners back, Apple.

Thanks to the upcoming iPhone 14 Max, the average iPhone size will reach a new high in 2022. The thing is, the iPhone’s flat design just doesn’t go well with its increasing size. In fact, even the iPhone 13 mini digs into my hands if I use it for more than a few minutes, and I’m not exaggerating.

I may be in the minority here, as everyone seems to love the new flat iPhones, but I tend to put functional design over aesthetics. Handling the iPhone 8 after using the iPhone 13 mini for about a month feels… great. That must mean something.

Will iPhone 15 Pro finally get diehard Android fans to make the big switch?

Utilities… If I have to look at the current trends in the smartphone market, the answer to this question is probably… yes! Apple’s market share for smartphones is growing, and more than ever, people are choosing to spend their money on flagship phones in particular, which is good news for Cupertino. However, if I have to be reasonable, I should bear in mind that by the time iPhone 15 Pro is out, Samsung, google, Xiaomi & Co would probably have taken Android phones to newer heights, meaning it might be a little trickier for Apple to attract Android users.

Still, USB-C on iPhone means you can charge all your Apple or non-Apple products with a single cable, which could be enough to power a large portion of non-iPhone users (as well as iPhone users with older phones).

Needless to say, the camera is the focal point of all new flagship phones these days, so I’m willing to bet that an iPhone 15 Pro with a periscope zoom will wow many minds and end up in many pockets. Especially those who have never owned a phone with a periscope zoom camera.

The presence of features like Reverse Wireless Charging and good fast charging would be the icing on the cake for the iPhone 15 Pro series. Still, their potential absence certainly doesn’t sound like a deal breaker untilmejust in case I decided to start using iPhone full time and retire my Pixel.

But what about you?

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