iPhone 14 price leaks and that’s good news

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The official announcement of the The iPhone 14 series is getting closer by the day and the online space is already filled to the brim with rumors like a gas tank for an oil crisis. Now a lot of people are really interested in things like screen sizes, refresh rates, new silicon, but for the majority, one area remains critical: price. The last rumor we had (from none other than Mark Gurman) speculated that there will be a price increase of about $100 over the iPhone 14 series range, but today we have another leak suggesting that Apple may keep the price intact.

According to an mysterious sourceposted on the forum pages of South Korea’s number one search portal Naver, Apple has decided to freeze the launch price of the iPhone 14 (the base model that is), and the decision comes from the company’s top executives.

The source (claiming 90% accuracy of information related to the iPhone) also talks about the possible reasons for this decision, namely the global stagnation of the mobile phone market and the decline in demand, while price is the main factor for purchase intent through mobile phone users.

So, if we are to believe this South Korean insider (we don’t have a track record, so be careful), the price of the vanilla iPhone 14 will be set at $799. The official unveiling of the iPhone 14 will likely take place sometime in September.

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