iPhone 14 camera issues plague Apple’s supply chain

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While most of the tech community has their sights set on Samsung, some smartphone enthusiasts are already looking forward to September, especially Apple fans.

Apple is known for its consistency and predictability, which is why there is much less room for speculation when it comes to release dates unlike Android manufacturers. The new iPhones invariably make their debut in mid-September, period.

But every year, as September approaches, practical issues often arise with Apple’s supply chain. 2022 is no exception. Last week, we’ve covered reports of issues with two hardware components (the memory and panels of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max), which have since seemingly been resolved.

This time, the new issues concern the camera modules of the following iPhones. In particular, the rear camera lenses supplied by Genius suffer from quality problems due to a “coating crack” problem. This information was first brought to light by prominent Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a tweetand has been since covered by MacRumors.

Kuo’s assessment is that the issues are unlikely to hamper overall production. In the short term, another camera supplier, Largan, will step in to fill the gap. According to Kuo, it will take “1 to 2 months” for Genius to fix the problem so that production can continue as normal.

Even in the event that Genius fails to fix the problem, Largan should theoretically still be able to handle the delivery, Kuo predicts. Overall, the supply chain should remain relatively stable.

This is good news for anyone looking forward to purchasing the new iPhone 14. As the demand for Apple’s upcoming smartphones is expected to increase, no one wants to see shortages and delays.

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