iPhone 14 battery life: everything we know

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The battery life of our phones has always been one of the most important decision factors when choosing a new one.

With the announcement of the iPhone 14 series is slowly but surely approaching, both battery life and charging times are some of the specs people think about the most. As we recently discovered in one of our polls, that this is the most important spec in a phone for our core readers.

While battery life information for the new iPhone 14 is scarce at the moment, we’ve tried to answer any questions that might be of interest.

Will the iPhone 14 have better battery life?

For now, the short answer is here: maybe. A few months ago, a report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News stated that: the iPhone 14 comes with a brand new 5G chip from TSMC inside with support for Wi-Fi 6E connectivity. More importantly, this new chip is built on the 6nm process, making it smaller and more energy efficient. With the new 5G chip, Apple can very well make it so that the iPhone 14 lasts even longer than the iPhone 13 series, whether by having room to put a larger battery, thanks to the chip’s lower power consumption, or both. However, that depends on whether that extra leeway is used for something else, like constant 5G connectivity for example.

However, other than the new rumored 5G chip, there’s not much else to do when it comes to iPhone 14 battery life. Make sure to read this article again in the future as we’ll update with the latest information on the subject.

How much battery does the iPhone 14 have?

Currently, there is no battery size information for any of the expected iPhone 14 models. That said, the new 5G chip could result in a slightly larger one.

In any case, we can take a look at the battery sizes of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 series to get an idea of ​​what improvements we can hope for:

Will iPhone 14 use USB-C?

A recent European Commission ruling aimed at combating e-waste seeks to push for a common charging port for all phones in the EU, namely USB-C. Now it’s not very clear what effect that would have on the iPhone 14, if any, but it’s worth noting. That said, Apple’s new phones are more likely to come with a lightning port for charging again. As for the charger itself, it’s probably safer not to expect one.

How fast does the iPhone 14 charge?

Apple is admittedly quite behind when it comes to the iPhone’s fast charging capabilities, at least compared to competitors. The iPhone 13’s maximum is 20W when charged with a cable and 15W with MagSafe wireless charging (7.5W with regular Qi chargers).

In comparison: the Galaxy S22 can charge at a maximum speed of 45W via a cable, which only matches the iPhone in its 15W wireless charging.

There are no reports yet on whether Apple will decide to improve on this aspect with the iPhone 14 series, but the heat is definitely on the rise from competitors such as Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus and others.

Will iPhone 14 have reverse wireless charging?

There’s no word on the iPhone 14 series with reverse wireless charging, but if Apple surprises us with this feature in September, it would most likely be reserved for the Pro models only.

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