iPhone 13 mini in 2022: Steve Jobs’ dream became Apple’s big flop and my favorite iPhone ever

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When Apple introduced the iPhone 12 mini in 2020, the company predicted it would become “very popular”. But… that wasn’t really the case. Sales figures up to 2020-2021 showed that the smallest iPhone was by far the least preferred model by customers. The reason? Well, there might be a few:

  • Apple also launched an iPhone SE, which likely cannibalized quite a few iPhone 12 mini sales because it was $300 cheaper
  • iPhone 12 mini didn’t get the most positive reviews, especially when it came to battery life, which may have put some people off
  • In my view, by calling it “mini”, Apple wasn’t doing the smallest iPhone any favors – there’s a chance people thought the “mini” iPhone would give them “less” iPhone for their money, which of course isn’t really the case. , as the mini shares specs with the vanilla iPhone 12
  • The COVID 19 pandemic probably didn’t help either, as people needed affordable phones, as well as phones with bigger screens for media consumption, as they were stuck at home

But the biggest reason for the iPhone 12 mini’s commercial problems was probably the fact that people had already gotten over small phonesand they did it faster than Apple expected… It’s one of those very rare eventsbut on this occasion Apple simply misjudged the market, and perhaps even the marketing strategy of the iPhone 12 mini. The “mini” name made it sound like a “special” iPhone to a certain group of people. For the record, people in the comment sections of iPhone 12 mini videos and articles also said that the phone would be super popular and that they had been waiting a long time for a small and powerful iPhone, but even they probably didn’t buy one!

iPhone 13 mini: the iPhone Steve Jobs probably would have used (instead of the iPhone 14 Max)

But then, somewhat surprisingly, Apple decided not to pull the plug on the mini iPhone! And so we got the iPhone 13 mini, which (surprise, surprise!) has been my daily driver for the past month!

For starters, I’m not blessed with big hands (don’t you dare jump to conclusions!), but if you think about it, the iPhone 13 mini is exactly what the iPhone was always intended to be. That’s if you asked Steve Jobs.

Of course, we’ll never know what Steve thought of the iPhone 13 mini, but we’re sure he wasn’t a fan of big phones, especially if they were big enough to fit a stylus. And I fully agree with the great man on this occasion.

The iPhone 13 mini is the pinnacle of Steve Jobs-esque iPhone proportions, and we know it because it’s the most capable iPhone ever made, and it can also be operated easily and completely with one hand. That’s the key to a “phone,” isn’t it?

Unfortunately, this might also be the highlight of the mini iPhone as a whole as it will be replaced by another Max model! The iPhone 14 Max is expected to debut in September, taking the place of what would have been an iPhone 14 mini. It’s certainly a better business decision for Apple, but it also means the end of the mini iPhone. Or sort of.

iPhone 13 mini is a tiny beast of a phone with unparalleled performance and smoothness at 60Hz

To get the basics out of the way, I’ve found that the iPhone 13 Mini has excellent battery life, which comes as a big surprise when we consider how poorly iPhones with a similar battery capacity perform (looking at you, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone SE). I’ll get to the crux of all this in a future story, but I assure you that the tiny iPhone 13 mini can get you through a whole day if you don’t push it too hard.

The iPhone 13 mini’s screen size can be an issue for some – there is no solution. What I’ve found, however, is that the 5.4-inch panel is super bright and a joy to use outdoors! The size is perfect for one-handed use, and guess what – 60 Hz is not a problem! The 13 mini is smooth as butter, which can’t be said of Android phones running at 60Hz.

Anyway, that’s a nice stepping stone to a short section on the performance of the iPhone 13 mini, which is… matched only by the iPhone 13 Pro series. Again, I’ll leave the details for my upcoming story that will talk about my experience switching from a Pixel 6 Pro to the iPhone 13 mini, but in a nutshell:

  • iPhones are so smooth at 60Hz I’ve never missed the Pixel’s 120Hz panel
  • The performance is simply unmatched by any Android device I’ve ever used, thanks to the incredibly smooth animations and overall operation that iOS offers

That said, if someone who has a Pixel 6 Pro about ten months now, can’t say the camera on the iPhone 13 mini blew me away. However, it was perfectly usable for daytime or nighttime shots. It gets the job done! The good news for Apple users is that the iPhone 13 mini is spinning around Google’s flagship when it comes to video recording. iPhone 13 mini’s videos have a wider dynamic range, less noise, and look better in low light. Cinematic mode? Highly underestimated. You should try it out first before writing it off.

iPhone 13 mini did a great job replacing my iPhone 8 and Pixel 6 Pro

Putting a phone in one of my pockets without thinking about whether it will dig into my various body parts is a blessing. The absolutely massive weight drop compared to the Pixel 6 Pro is also a delight. My hands don’t get as tired compared to using the huge Pixel for extended periods of time.

And of course, the iPhone 13 mini’s small screen and battery do a great job of encouraging you to grab your laptop if you want to watch a longer video. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Of course, if your phone has a much smaller screen and relatively small battery, you’ll have to resort to alternative ways of media consumption, which can lead to fewer headaches and more time spent not staring at a screen pushed right in your face. .

iPhone 13 mini is the only phone that can change the way you use your phone and even change your life

When I bought an iPhone 13 mini, I wasn’t just looking for a Pixel 6 Pro replacement — if that was the case, the larger and more feature-rich iPhone 13 Pro would have been the more obvious choice.

I was looking for a phone that can replace my iPhone 8, which is of course a thin, light and compact phone itself. But I was also looking for a phone that would allow me to waste less time using it and spread my work time across my MacBook and TV screens, which I know are much better for my eyes.

No iPhone 14 mini: Is Apple killing the mini iPhone? The answer may surprise you!

I’ll be leaving my full love letter for iPhone 13 mini for one of my upcoming stories, but now that I’ve used it, I can’t help but feel my disappointment that the mini will be discontinued and replaced by the iPhone 14 Max later this year …

At the beginning of the story you’ll find the reason(s) why the mini iPhone is retiring, but now the more important question: “Will Apple ever make another mini iPhone”?

The bad news is that it certainly won’t happen anytime soon. Certainly not as part of the iPhone 14 series or even in 2023 with the iPhone 15 series. It’s not hard to predict that the new iPhone 14 Max will sell like toilet paper before a lockdown, which is why Apple will probably never look back and keep making bigger and bigger iPhones.

On to the good news, true fans of the compact iPhone may even be blessed in the year 2024! That is if Ross Young’s prophecy is to be fulfilled. The super-accurate analyst says Apple could launch the next iPhone SE sometime in 2024, which is in line with our expectations. But he also mentions that the next iPhone SE could have a screen size of 5.8 inches. Of course this wouldn’t make it a “mini iPhone”, but it sounds like Apple would revive the iPhone X design and use it for the next iPhone SE, and I totally agree!

I love the round iPhones because they don’t dig into my hand when I hold them, and I’ve always thought that the iPhone X’s 5.8-inch screen is perfectly sized to be used comfortably by those with smaller hands and people with bigger hands.

I leave you with those long-term expectations for future compact iPhones! Meanwhile, I plan to keep my iPhone 13 mini as long as possible, which means the iPhone 14 Pro will have the difficult task of impressing me enough to buy it. Try me, Apple!

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