iOS 16 code confirms always-on display feature

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iOS 16 is coming and with it comes a slew of interesting updates. And while we’re busy covering them up, 9to5 Mac have made an interesting discovery.

Apparently Apple is already actively pushing, albeit under the radar, its own version of an always-on display. Earlier, Bloomberg’s Mark Gruman in his “Power On” newsletter was the first to speculate that the iPhone 14 could come with an always-on display.

Now, with the launch of iOS 16 developer beta, this bit of speculation has pretty much been confirmed. 9to5 Mac reports that it has found some references to an always-on display feature in the code behind iOS 16.

It’s still unclear if the expected new feature will make its debut with the iPhone 14 lineup, but there’s a good chance it will. For now, most analysts (including Gruman) predict that the always-on display will be available exclusively on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

It is also very likely that previous generations of the iPhone will not be able to support this new feature. Essentially, Gruman explains that the always-on display functionality is tied to hardware specifications (particularly the device’s variable refresh rates) and therefore cannot be implemented through a software tweak alone.

Regardless of exactly when Apple’s take on an always-on display debuts, it’s clear that the feature, which has been available on Android for quite some time, is coming to iOS. You don’t even have to bother looking at the code – the iOS 16 lock screen design is the only confirmation we need.

The new lock screen layout, one of iOS 16’s biggest talking points, is perfectly aligned with an always-on display feature. Let’s see how Apple runs it.

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