Instagram’s latest push to emulate TikTok brings new role creation and remixing tools

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TikTok – the video sharing platform – took the world by storm in popularity and now many social media companies are trying to catch up, introduce short videos on their platforms and expand their feature set. Instagram is one of them, with its response to TikTok, Instagram Reels, which launched in August 2020. And now, Engadget Reports Meta has launched more tools to create Reels in an effort to increase engagement with Reels and get more creators to create short videos.

Instagram update adds new tools for Reels, making them compete harder for TikTok. to match

The new tools are aimed at making roles easier. Firstly, you can now not only remix videos in a Reel, but also photos – this way you can use more to create a Reel. Plus, Meta now gives you more Remix layouts, including green screen, split screen, and picture-in-picture reaction view. In addition, you can choose to attach the remix to the end of an original reel instead of placing them side by side.

But that is not everything. Meta also added new templates for roll making with this new update: you get preloaded audio and video effects and you just need to add your photo or video to one of those effects. The template collection can be accessed by tapping the camera icon on the Roles tab.

Speaking of cameras, you can now record videos with the front and rear cameras using the Instagram camera.

And last but not least, Meta has announced that it will turn all videos posted on Instagram into roles, as long as they are shorter than 15 minutes. However, this feature does not work retroactively, so it only applies to new videos. This feature will be rolling out in the coming weeks and along with it you will get a consolidated tab with all your videos and roles on Instagram.

You may have heard that recently Instagram has announced Subscriptions – a way for creators to create exclusive content for the most devoted of their followers and thus earn some money from it. All in all, Instagram is aiming to get more people to create content on the platform and currently has some incentives like the subscription feature or bonuses for reel creators. Reportedly, monetization for roles is coming in the second half of 2022, so we expect to see more features focused on roles in the coming months.

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