Instagram now helps you find popular places more easily

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Instagram now offers a new map experience for Android and iPhone users, helping you rediscover local businesses and more easily find popular locations around you. As social media announced, you can now tap location tags in a post in your feed or in a friend’s story to find places around you.

Most interestingly, though, you can now also manually find locations via the Explore tab. You can search for a place in the search bar and tap the search result, which will open the establishment in question, or you can just type the name of your city or neighborhood and the app will show you which popular locations are near you.

Instagram has also added filtering options that allow you to find places by category. At the moment there are six filter categories: Restaurants, Cafés, Places of interest, Hotels, Parks & Gardens and Bars. You just need to tap on the type of location you want to visit, and Instagram will show you all the places around you that fall into that category.

While you will no doubt find more places with the new map feature on Instagram, we have to point out that Instagram is not the only social media platform that has such a feature. Snapchat has been offering pretty much the same feature for quite some time now. You can go to Snapchat’s map and basically find several branches around you. Also, like Instagram, Snapchat offers six filter options that make it easier to find the place you’re looking for.

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