Instagram adds more tools to its Reels arsenal

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According to Instagram, using Reels can significantly increase the number of followers on the platform. The social media says that over a 60-day period, public accounts with more than 10,000 followers who uploaded at least five roles gained more followers than those in the same category who posted no roles at all. And to help you create even more great short videos, Instagram announced that it is adding some new features to its roles. You can now add sound effects to your short Instagram videos. As social media has shared, you can use the revamped collection of sound effects to inject “humour” into a Reel or “help your audience get into their emotions while watching it.” Additionally, if the video is at least five seconds long, you can now record your voiceover and add the recording to your Reel. However, Instagram warns that others can use the soundbite as well, so keep that in mind if you decide to record your voice. The social media also announced that you can now use some of the Stories stickers in your roles. You can now add:

  • Polls to let your followers vote on a topic
  • Quiz that, as Instagram said, “puts your audience’s skills to the test”
  • Emoji slider that allows your followers to show what they think about something

With this update, Instagram has also increased the length of its short videos. You can now “tell deeper stories with 90-second rolls”. And to make it even easier for you to fill those 90 seconds, Instagram now lets you use templates to create one role by using another. The app “preloads the audio and clip placeholders”, and all you have to do is “add and crop your unique clips”.

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