If you missed the first day of WWDC 2022, you need to watch these videos now

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It’s a word not usually said among iPhone users about their handsets. Right at the start of WWDC 2022, however, Apple unveiled some customizable lock screen features that iOS users are eagerly awaiting. Words alone cannot paint a picture of what Apple has done this here. So, in this article, we’ve included Apple’s official video showing the changes it makes to the lock screen in iOS 16.
The video shows how an iPhone user can change how the lock screen can be set using a user-supplied image. Background colors and fonts can be changed and widgets can be added for a quick look at the weather and more. For example, you can set the lock screen to alert you when there’s a rain or thunderstorm in your area so you can dress accordingly. “Unlock your lock screen” is the tagline for this 51-second clip that will likely be used as a 60-second or 30-second television commercial.

Apple added Android-style widgets to iOS 15 last year, and this year, with iOS 16, Cupertino’s team seems to be rethinking how Android users have so many customizable options at their fingertips. Is Apple planning to finally fully open its walled garden? That seems questionable, but iPhone users should be excited at the prospect of making their own lock screens.

You can check out everything that happened at WWDC yesterday by tapping the video below. The video spans everything from iOS 16, watchOS 9, to iPadOS 16, and it’s an hour and 48 minutes of your life that you won’t get back. If you prefer a shorter recap of the first day of WWDC 2022, the second video below is a quick rundown of the day’s highlights at just over three minutes in length.

WWDC runs through Friday, and you can watch a recap of each day’s festivities every night on Apple’s YouTube channel.

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