Huawei debuts cheapest foldable smartphone yet – enter the Huawei Pocket S. in

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Foldables have really come a long way since the original Samsung Galaxy Fold made its debut in 2019. The technology is no longer considered a gimmick and has matured to the point that it is a viable alternative (and more) to a traditional high-end smartphone. .

That’s not to say that foldables aren’t still plagued by a myriad of issues, such as durability issues and poor software optimization. Nevertheless, one aspect where foldables have struggled to make greater strides is pricing.

Foldables remain some of the most expensive devices in the smartphone market, easily outperforming most (if not all) premium flagship handsets. The current iteration of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is more than twice as expensive as the latest iPhone 14.

However, now the cheapest yet budget-friendly foldable has made its debut – the Huawei Pocket S. The device starts at CNY 5,988 (the equivalent of about $830) for the base 128GB model.

This is still more than the entry level iPhone 14, but considering how expensive folding technology is and how much the viable alternatives cost, it almost seems like a steal. The Galaxy Z Flip 4, the undisputed king of foldable devices, costs nearly $200 more.

The Huawei Pocket S, while reasonably priced, has an impressive spec sheet. It comes with a beautiful OLED display equipped with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, a large 4000 mAh battery, a 40 MP main shooter supported by a 13 MP ultra-wide camera and 8 GB of RAM.

One of the few compromises is the processor – the Pocket S is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G – and the lack of 5G connectivity. Nor does it break the device per se, especially considering what it intends to be.

All in all, price is the biggest deterrent that drives sales of foldable devices down. Only when that hurdle is overcome can they truly become mainstream. The Huawei Pocket S may be the first of many to do just that.

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