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Hotspot Shield is a popular and experienced VPN provider with an unusually free VPN plan, which has recently undergone a major update: the incredibly restrictive 500MB per month data cap has been removed and users now get unlimited traffic on all platforms.

There’s a catch for mobile users: they have to sign in to watch ads, annoying videos that appear (for example) when you disconnect. But Windows and Mac users get a better deal as they can use the service without ads.

It’s not all good news. The free Hotspot Shield Basic plan only supports one connection (you can install it wherever you want, but only use one device at a time). In addition, the free apps can only connect to a single location in the US. There is no streaming mode to help you unblock streaming services and there is no live chat or email support. If something isn’t working properly, you should visit Hotspot Shield’s support site and try to fix the problem yourself.

Hotspot Shield Basic covers the, well, VPN basics, as the name suggests Credit: Hotspot Shield

This may not matter much if you’re looking for the basics of VPN – just a simple way to encrypt your data on public Wi-Fi. But other providers are a bit more generous.

For example, Proton VPN’s free plan also offers unlimited traffic and limits users to a single connection, and it doesn’t support streaming. But users get three locations, there are no ads on platforms, and support is available via email if you need it.

Hotspot Shield Privacy

Hotspot Shield’s stance on privacy is generally commendable, but there are some caveats here Credit: Hotspot Shield

Privacy and logging

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