Here’s how to save a whopping $800 on Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 (no trade-in)

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When Samsung released the admittedly impressive and almost surprisingly refined Galaxy Z Fold 3 at a starting price of $1800 about 11 months ago, most potential buyers must have felt immediately discouraged at the thought that they could never afford the world’s best foldable device.

But if you choose to “settle” for the significantly cheaper and smaller Z Flip 3 5G, some phenomenal recent deals may have left many impatient folding users much to regret. The latest Z Fold 3 5G promotion is arguably the best yet, at least for loyal subscribers to the largest cellular network in the US… with nothing to trade.
Yes, Best Buy is poised to save an unprecedented $800 off the list prices of $1,799.99 and $1,899.99 of this bad boy’s 256 and 512GB storage configurations, respectively. Verizon activation and virtually no other commitments.

you can also opt for a three-year device payment plan if you want om, in which case you’re only coughing up $27.77 a month for this state-of-the-art Android handset with a primary 7.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display and a secondary 6.2-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, both of which are fully featured to deliver silky smooth 120Hz content.

If you’d rather take care of everything right away, you can do that too and pay a (slightly more) reasonable $999.99 for an “entry level” Galaxy Z Fold 3 variant or $1,099.99 with 512 instead of 256 gigs of local digital hamster space and the same hefty 12 GB RAM count.

The Z Fold 4 is around the corner. Book it here and now!

At first glance, of course, this doesn’t seem like the same kind of irresistible bargain as a $300 Z Flip 3, and even leaving trade-in offers aside, at least we’ve seen a recent deal comes incredibly close to Best Buy’s new all-time record low price here.
But a record low is still remarkable for such an impressive piece of mobile tech, even with the undoubtedly improved Galaxy Z Fold 4 around the corner.

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