Here’s how to get the Pixel 7 for just $20

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How would you like to pay just $20 for the Pixel 7? 9to5Google was the first to discover a way to take advantage of a combination of seasonal and trade-in deals that bring the price of a brand new 128GB Pixel 7 to $20. Of course, if you don’t own one of the Pixel 6 devices that gives you the optimal return on a transaction, you’ll have to pay more, although it’s still a good deal for you.

Google will give you up to $479 for your 128GB Pixel 6

So let’s say you own the 128GB Pixel 6 and want Face Unlock, the Google Tensor 2 SoC, an improved front-facing camera, a modem that won’t let you lose your connection to your carrier’s network just when you have a important message to make. calling and an improved fingerprint sensor under the screen. Thanks to the Black Friday/Cyber ​​Monday pricing on the Google Store, you can pick up a 128GB Pixel 7 for $499, which is a $100 discount.

Trade in a 128GB Pixel 6 in working order and you should get a whopping $479 for the transaction, leaving you with a $20 balance. Not bad. But when you start looking for one of the units with extra storage, you pay more. For example, Google charges $599 for the 256GB model (which also comes with a $100 discount). If you trade in a 256GB Pixel 6 in working condition, Google will give you a whopping $499 for the transaction, leaving you with a $100 balance. Still a good deal, but way over $20.

Now, there’s no rule forcing you to trade in a 128GB Pixel 6 for a 128GB Pixel 7. If you want extra storage, you’ll pay $120 for a 256GB Pixel 7 after the trade. That’s still reasonable. And if you’ve come to the realization that 128GB is all you need, you can send Google your 256GB Pixel 6 and pay absolutely nothing for the 128GB Pixel 7.
Google is giving those with the 128GB Pixel 6 a great trade-in deal. But it treats the 256GB model like a bad stepchild by only giving you $20 more in exchange for the device. The $100 difference between the two models at launch has been reduced by 80% in just over a year.
If you’re looking to trade in your Pixel 6 Pro for a Pixel 7 Pro for all the reasons we listed above plus the improved (by 50%) 30x Super Res Zoom and improved battery life, here are the numbers. If you trade in a 128GB Pixel 6 Pro for a 128GB Pixel 7 Pro, you’ll get up to $550 in trade value. At the discounted price of $749, you’ll pay $199 for the newer unit. The 256GB Pixel 6 Pro is valued at $575, leaving you with a balance of $274 for the comparable Pixel 7 Pro. And if you trade in your 512GB Pixel 6 Pro for a 512GB Pixel 7 Pro, Google will give you a whopping $600, leaving you with more than $349.

The 512GB Pixel 6 Pro is the highest-rated “trade-in currency”

Clearly the 512GB Pixel 6 Pro is the highest rated of the 2021 models in a swap. You can use it to save $600 off the price of the 128GB and 256GB Pixel 7 Pro handsets, leaving a balance of $149 and $249, respectively.

If you trade in the 256GB Pixel 6 Pro, you’ll pay $184 and $374 respectively for the 128GB and 512GB models. And submitting the 128GB Pixel 6 Pro as a trade bait results in a balance of $349 and $399 for the 256GB and 512GB models, respectively.

Now here’s an important detail. This pricing schedule ends after tomorrow, November 28. So if you want to take advantage of these deals, you should do it immediately. Or you can wait for next year’s Pixel 8 series, which will feature the Google Tensor 3, new features and, if the rumor mill is right, an ultrasonic under-display fingerprint sensor. And while there are no rumors, a secure 3D facial recognition system would also be very welcome.

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