Here are all the Galaxy Z Flip 4 colors and combos prematurely confirmed by Samsung

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Leave it to Samsung to (accidentally) unveil an important piece of the Z Flip 4 puzzle, a device already confirmed to contain subtle refinements and a lot of color at the table rather than a radical redesign.

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While the This bad boy’s four main colors have been repeatedly rumored by rock-solid tipsters and even detailed a few days ago. Special section for Care Plus from Samsung’s UK website.

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“Full” might not be the right word to describe what you’ll be browsing, because the At one point, it was rumored that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 Bespoke Edition would cover a staggering total of over 1,000 (!!!) chromatic combos. But here are 70+ of the models Samsung is likely to expect: selling like hot cakes soon, at least in the UK:
  • Black/Green/Navy Blue
  • Black/Green/Red
  • Black/green/white
  • Black/Green/Yellow
  • Black/Navy/Green
  • Black/Navy/Navy Blue
  • Black/Navy/Red
  • Black/Navy/White
  • Black/Navy/Yellow
  • Black/red/green
  • Black/red/red
  • Black/red/white
  • Black/red/yellow
  • Black/white/green
  • Black/White/Navy Blue
  • Black/white/red
  • Black/white/white
  • Black/White/Yellow
  • Black/Yellow/Green
  • Black/Yellow/Navy Blue
  • Black yellow Red
  • Black/Yellow/White
  • Black/Yellow/Yellow
  • Blue
  • Bora Purple
  • Gold/green/green
  • Gold/Green/Navy Blue
  • Gold/green/red
  • Gold/green/white
  • Gold/green/yellow
  • Gold/Navy/Green
  • Gold/Navy/Navy
  • Gold/navy/red
  • Gold/Navy/White
  • Gold/Navy/Yellow
  • Gold/red/green
  • Gold/Red/Navy Blue
  • Gold/red/red
  • Gold/red/white
  • Gold/Red/Yellow
  • Gold/white/green
  • Gold/White/Navy Blue
  • Gold/White/Red
  • Gold/white/white
  • Gold/White/Yellow
  • Gold/Yellow/Green
  • Gold/Yellow/Navy Blue
  • Gold/Yellow/Red
  • Graphite
  • pink gold
  • Silver/green/green
  • Silver/Green/Navy Blue
  • Silver/green/red
  • Silver/green/white
  • Silver/green/yellow
  • Silver/Navy/Green
  • Silver/Navy/Red
  • Silver/Navy/White
  • Silver/Navy/Yellow
  • Silver/red/green
  • Silver/Red/Navy Blue
  • Silver/red/red
  • Silver/red/white
  • Silver/red/yellow
  • silver/white/green
  • Silver/White/Navy Blue
  • silver/white/red
  • Silver/White/Yellow
  • Silver/Yellow/Green
  • Silver/Yellow/Navy Blue
  • Silver/Yellow/Red
  • Silver/yellow/white
  • Silver/Yellow/Yellow
The first of those colors, in case you’re wondering, is the frame of the Galaxy Z Flip 4, meaning Samsung will at least add a gold option for that part to the black and silver already offered in the Z Flip 3 Bespoke “Studio”.

Then you have the front and back of the phone, which are coated in various combinations of green, navy, red, white and yellow, depending on your individual preference and style. Given that the Z Flip 3 already comes in five of its own front and rear colors (blue, pink, yellow, white and black), we can safely assume that Samsung has many more options in the pipeline for the Z Flip 4 that are probably a little less. popular than the above. Oh, and as for the internal storage, your choice will apparently be between 128 and 256 GB.

The following Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 colors are also set in stone

They say that when it rains, it pours, which is certainly true about Samsung’s little flaw here. This is anything but little, in fact it also reveals these three main Galaxy Z Fold 4 models that will be available soon with your choice of 256 or 512 gigs of local digital hamster space:

  • Beige
  • Gray green
  • Phantom Black

And these Galaxy Watch 5 variants with and without standalone cellular connectivity:

  • 40mm gold
  • 40mm graphite
  • 40mm Graphite Wave
  • 40mm silver
  • 44mm blue
  • 44mm graphite
  • 44mm graphite wave
  • 44mm silver

Finally, here are the only two Galaxy Watch 5 Pro flavors that are seemingly in the pipeline (also with and without built-in 4G LTE support):

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