Hands on with Microsoft Edge Drop: New Windows App and File Sharing Feature

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Microsoft Edge Drop is now rolling out to select users in the Canary development channel, making it easier to share files and notes across devices with the browser. In a way, Edge Drop is similar to Telegram’s saved messages feature, which serves as your personal cloud storage for any text or media you might want to save for future use.

Microsoft Edge Drop lives in the browser toolbar and comes with a simple user interface. Based on our testing, it seems you can drop just about anything into Edge Drop, including apps, texts, notes, files, and other types of attachments. The upload and download speed is also fast, thanks to Microsoft cloud integration.

Microsoft is not working on a new cloud storage service for Edge. Instead, the company plans to use OneDrive. To access the feature, you need to sign in to your Microsoft account, and the feature’s storage apparently relies on OneDrive. If your OneDrive is low on storage, you won’t be able to use the feature.

Get started with Microsoft Edge Drop

Microsoft Edge drop panel

After connecting to your Microsoft account, you can click the “send” icon in the toolbar to open a “Drop” panel. You can send your first file or note by selecting the button or typing in the message box.

Edge fall

In the example above, we posted a simple message, which was later synced to all installations of Microsoft Edge where this experimental feature is available.

As mentioned, it is possible to share everything via Drop. For example, we uploaded an app called “MPV Player” (mpv.exe) and played a video through the player on another device, and it worked just fine.

Microsoft Edge drop apps

Looks like you can use it like Telegram’s sort of cloud-stored messages.

In one of the tabs of Edge Drop, we can see that OneDrive integration storage. This suggests that the space used by OneDrive counts towards your storage plan.

Edge drop files

Sure, you can use OneDrive to share your files, but Microsoft Edge Drop makes it easier to share and access those files. It’s all organized by default. At the same time, this could help Microsoft sell its Office subscription or OneDrive premium storage to more users.

It’s worth noting that this feature is completely optional and you can change it from Settings > Appearance.

Microsoft is also working on other new features for Edge. For example, the company recently started testing a Cloudflare-powered VPN (a feature called Secure Network Mode) that doesn’t allow you to change your geolocation, but encrypts your data using one of the closest Cloudflare servers.

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