Hands-on Canon EOS R7 review: ultimate hobbyist camera?

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The Canon EOS R7 is, on paper, the mirrorless camera that amateur photographers have been waiting for. It’s a mid-range camera with some high-end specs – and like the EOS R10 it’s launched alongside, the EOS R7 is built around an APS-C sensor. While these can’t gather as much light as the full-frame sensors seen in cameras like the Canon EOS R6, but they do bring a few benefits – including lower price tags.

If you’re a keen photographer who likes shooting wildlife and sports, the EOS R7 could be the camera for you. Sitting in between classic DSLRs like the Canon EOS EOS 7D Mark II and 90D, it combines Canon’s latest Dual Pixel CMOS AF II autofocus system with speedy 15fps burst-shooting speeds (or even 30fps with its electronic shutter).

For its price, the EOS R7 delivers an impressive list of features that show why it’s Canon’s new flagship APS-C camera. Unlike the EOS 90D, you get in-body image stabilization (IBIS), which is helpful for preserving image quality while shooting handheld. Canon says this provides up to eight stops of compensation, allowing you to use slower shutter speeds (and lower ISOs) in low-light situations.

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You also get two UHS-II card slots and a solid range of video-shooting specs, including headphone and microphone inputs, plus the ability to shoot uncropped 4K/60p video. In theory, then, the Canon EOS R7 is the all-rounder that’s been missing from Canon’s mirrorless lineup.

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