Google’s VR/AR headset ready to take on the battle

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Virtual/Augmented reality is widely seen as the next frontier in mobile technology. That’s why many companies make an effort to get started sooner or later, to make sure they beat the competition. And while many are just entering the market like Apple, some are already veterans of VR/AR… in a sense. We are, of course, talking about Google. The company flopped almost a decade ago with Google Glass, but this time the tech giant is doing its best to get VR/AR right. Some time ago, the first pieces of information about Google’s “Project Iris,” the code name for the company’s upcoming VR/AR headset, made headlines when the Verge has published a special article about it.

In the original report, The Verge revealed some interesting details about Project Iris, which was still in its early stages of development at the time. It seems that Google’s VR/AR headset has come a long way, as field testing is already underway.

The Verge reports now that Google will test a small number of prototype units to better understand how the headset performs under day-to-day conditions. Google even published a blog post to the point. The main functions that will be tested are “translation, transcription and navigation”.

The tests will be conducted according to a set of strict privacy guidelines. The prototype units will resemble regular glasses and the testers will have to undergo special training and follow a number of privacy measures.

These steps show a decisive step by Google to learn from its mistakes with Google Glass. Whether it will be enough to make Project Iris a success remains to be seen. For reference, most experts expect Google to release its VR/AR headset sometime around 2024. So there is still a long way to go. We’ll have to wait and see.

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