Google’s Pixel 4a 5G offers unparalleled software support at an unbeatable price

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Because Google has undeniably turned the page into an exciting new chapter in the evolution of its in-house smartphones with last year’s Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, we’re pretty sure the 2020-released Pixel 4a 5G mid-ranger is not on many people’s minds these days.

But Android purists on a tight budget may not be happy to spend $450 on 5G enabled Pixel 5a, let alone $599 and up for the aforementioned Pixel 6 powerhouse with no strings attached.
If you fall into that category, you’ll be happy to see an experienced eBay seller with an excellent track record asking a meager $246.49 for a limited-time black-and-white model of Google’s Pixel 4a 5G in refurbished condition. .

These ultra-affordable refurbs come with a full 1-year warranty from Allstate, mind you, as well as a solemn promise of “like new” functionality, “at least” 80 percent battery status, “moderate” signs of wear, and new, “general ” packaging with “original or new, generic accessories” in it.

While it’s never ideal of course to buy a second-hand device that could potentially include “signs of use” scratches, “visible wear” and/or “screen discoloration”, that 12 month “back to basics” warranty should manufacturing defects should help you sleep peacefully at night knowing that you have objectively earned a lot here.

Decluttr Store is about as trusted as any eBay seller, with a 98.8 percent positive feedback rating based on nearly 450,000 (!!!) user reviews over the past 12 months, and the Pixel 4a 5G units for sale for less than 250 bucks a pop are also unlocked to work flawlessly on all US networks.

Believe it or not, 5G speeds are arguably the second biggest selling point here, behind Google’s great software support. The Pixel 4a 5G, released with Android 11, has of course received a timely Android 12 update and is guaranteed to continue scoring both major and minor software promotions until November 2023.

That means Android 13and Android 14 is coming in due course, not to mention frequent security patches and the occasional function decreases. The hardware specs are pretty good too… for just $246.49, which includes a 6.2-inch OLED display with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels, the same fairly powerful Snapdragon 765 processor as the much more expensive Pixel 5a 5G, 128 GB of internal storage paired with 6 gig of RAM, two objectively great cameras on the back and even an old-fashioned headphone jack.

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