Google’s 5G Pixel 5 is alive and kicking, hitting a brand new price that’s lower than ever

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As much as some hardcore Google fans maybe hate the Tensor-powered Pixel 6 and 6 Pro for their seemingly infinite series of (mostly) software-related issues, that strong and impassioned consumer response still doesn’t compare to the general feeling of indifference generated by the 2020 Pixel 5.

By no means a bad phone, the decidedly disappointing 6-inch mid-ranger simply didn’t offer enough compelling reasons for potential buyers to ignore its very stiff competition at around $699 nearly two years ago.

While this issue was undoubtedly realized early in the handset’s commercial run, Google hasn’t done much to boost the Pixel 5’s appeal, discontinuing it fairly quickly rather than discounting it very deeply or often. While the stock Android 12 device is almost out of stock these days from major third-party retailers like Amazon or Best Buy, Woot has an extremely interesting deal to offer for just 24 hours.
Instead of seven, six or five Benjamins, Amazon’s e-tailer is currently only charging $429.99 for a fully unlocked version of the 128GB Google Pixel 5 in a “Sorta Sage” color and brand new, unused, unopened and undamaged condition.

Needless to point out, this limited-time promotion is simply unbeatable at this point, as the cheapest Pixel 5 units available at Best Buy, for example, still cost a whopping $629.99 a pop… in refurbished ones. state.

Note that Woot is even willing to give a full 1-year manufacturer’s warranty with its ultra-affordable Pixel 5s, which can access (low and mid-band) 5G speeds on any US network you prefer.

At $429.99 the reasonable well-reviewed Pixel 5 undermines pretty much everything best budget phones out there, including lower-end Pixel 5a, while arguably having a good… adequate screen with 90Hz OLED tech, a big battery, solid dual rear camera, a hefty 8 gig of RAM paired with the aforementioned 128GB of internal storage, and most importantly, great software support… until at least Fall 2023.

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