Google TV plans to make signing in to Netflix or other streamers automatic

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Google may be planning to be Make TV platform easier to use by offering automatic logins to subscription services after installation. The reveal is tucked away in the code of the latest version of the TV app, reports 9to5 Googleand reads that “apps for your subscriptions will also be installed. App data from devices associated with your Google account is used to set up and sign in to these apps on your TV

This can be interpreted as using the credentials in your Google account, such as usernames and passwords, to automatically fill in and sign up various services such as Netflix, Spotify, newspapers and other subscriptions.

At this point, even if you sign into your Google account and transfer all your apps, you still have to sign in to each service individually, which makes sense for apps like online banking. But when you set up your TV or media box, you want your shows and albums to line up as quickly as possible.

Automating the process makes more sense and is sure to get a lot of appreciative comments from Google if it manages to pull that off. Still, lines of code in an app teardown can only mark intents, but whether these potential goodies see the light of day is ultimately up to Google to decide from a resource perspective.

Given the ever-increasing number of subscription services we maintain, such a sign-in automation process would give Google a competitive advantage and other players could follow suit, ushering in the brave new world of not bothering to remember credentials for dozens of subscriptions. end.

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