Google sounds the alarm over Hermit hack that targets both iPhones and Android

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The Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) warns that a new spyware emanating from an Italian security company is making its way into hacking Android phones. The RCS Lab, based in Milan, has invented a spyware similar to the infamous Pegasus one from the Israeli company NSO Group, because once installed it can record the activities of your phone undetected.

The difference is that RCS Lab’s spy tools. collectively called Hermit, target both Android and iPhones, although Apple says it has removed all known accounts and certifications associated with Hermit.
On his turn, RCS lab claims that all of its software is compliant with EU regulations and that it is “the leading European provider of fully legal interception services, with over 10,000 intercepted targets handled daily in Europe alone.”
Those targets included iPhones and Androids in Italy and Kazakhstan, Google’s TAG team found, noting that companies like RCS “enable the proliferation of dangerous hacking tools and arm governments that could not develop these capabilities internally

Google has notified those affected by Hermit and clarified how the hacking tool spreads – by clicking on a link in a message – to warn Android users.

Collaborating Lookout researchers add that “Hermit deceives users by displaying the legitimate web pages of the brands it impersonates because it initiates malicious activity in the background.” While it’s not a zero-click exploit like Pegasus, Hermit can still track what you type, speak, or where you are, which is why Google is sounding the alarm.

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