Google shows latest search features: Multisearch Near Me and Scene Exploration

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It’s amazing how advanced Google Search has grown over the years. From text queries to voice input to Google Lens, the advancement of search technology has been tremendous.

But there is more on the horizon. At Google I/O 2022, the tech giant previewed the latest improvements to Google Search, namely Multisearch Near Me and Scene Exploration.

Multisearch Near Me complements Multisearch – a feature launched in April that allows you to combine multiple input types in a single search. Remember to point Google Lens at a dress to take a photo of it and type “green” to find the same design in a different color.

As you can probably see, Multisearch Near Me filters results that you can find or buy nearby. Just add “near me” to your search to take advantage of this opportunity.

The mouth-watering sample shown at Google I/O featured a photo of a tasty-looking dish that was found online. Google’s technology was shown not only to identify the dish (Japchae, if you’re curious), but also to highlight nearby restaurants that serve it.

Multisearch Near Me will be available worldwide in English this year. Support for more languages ​​will be added over time.

In other search news, Google gave an example of Scene Exploration – an extension of Multisearch that can, you guessed it, handle searches about anything you move your camera over.

Sample Time: Let’s say you’re looking for a chocolate bar for a picky friend, but there are a zillion options on the shelf for you. Scene Exploration was shown, highlighting the bars that met a list of criteria (dark chocolate and nut-free) and even overlapping product ratings in the image. Neat!

Both Multisearch Near Me and Scene Exploration are part of Google’s efforts to make search more natural, effortless, accessible and powerful. With more than 8 billion searches handled by Google Lens alone – a threefold increase from last year – we can only see that over time Google’s search capabilities are increasingly integrated into everyday life.

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