Google reveals likely topics for discussion at Google I/O this week

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With Google I/O kicking off Wednesday, the company may have teased some of the topics it plans to cover at the conference that kicks off this Wednesday and ends Thursday. On Twitter, Google asked, “Which update are you most looking forward to May 11-12?” It offered four options:

  • Security updates
  • Message updates
  • Updates for various devices
  • New partnerships

Android users are most excited to see an announcement at Google I/O regarding Cross-Device Updates as that leads the way with 36.3% of the vote, followed by Messaging Updates receiving 27.9% . Security updates is in third place with 24.7% and a new partnership only got 11% of the vote.

For example, with cross-device updates, Android users can use a Wear OS powered timepiece to unlock an Android phone. Meanwhile, the Material Design team posted its own tweet asking which of the following Android fans were looking forward to at I/O:

  • Variable Fonts
  • Design and accessibility
  • Chat with our team
  • All of the above.

It is ‘All of the above’ that garnered the most votes with 45.2%, while 33.1% are enthusiastic about the design and accessibility of Material Design for Google I/O, followed by Variable Type fonts (17, 5%) and “chat with our team” (4.3%.

Remember that Google I/O starts this Wednesday and you can take action from the Google I/O website† You can even set a reminder to notify you when it’s time for the Google I/O 2022 Keynote to begin. Click on this link will be sent to Google’s YouTube page at approximately 1:00 p.m. Eastern (and 10:00 a.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, just as the Keynote is ready to begin.
Google used to release a new Google I/O app every year with maps of the location, making the app useful to those attending the event. The app also streamed some of the developer conference content live, making it convenient for those attending the conference virtually from the comfort of home.

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