Google Pixel tablet, not ready until next year, receives USI certification

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The goal of the Universal Stylus Initiative is to create a standard for digital writing instruments so that any USI-certified accessory will work with any tablet certified by the group. Google originally joined the USI in 2018, as some Chromebooks available today got USI support. The initiative is now up to version 2.0 (released in February) which adds support for wireless charging of digital pens instead of using a USB-C port or replacing an alkaline battery as is required with older pens.

The USI Standards Board says the digital pens covered by the new standards have a better “tilt” feature, which allows the pens to work even when held at certain angles. The color palette has increased from 256 to 16 million.

As we noted, a new Android powered Google tablet is listed by the USI. The code name for the device is shown as ‘Tangor’ and the model is only shown as ‘Tablet’. The Google Pixel tablet is said to expand the fast-growing Pixel ecosystem, which includes the Pixel phones, the Pixel Buds, the upcoming Google Pixel Watch, and a tablet for next year. While this is the first Android tablet to be listed by the USI, it may not be the first such tablet to be marketed.

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