Google Pixel 6 and 7 owners are suddenly getting the January 2023 Play system update, but with a caveat

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Recently, a few Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 owners reported seeing the January 2023 Play system update available for download after being stuck on the November update for months. This problem of getting Google Play system updates almost three months late is becoming a problem that concerns Pixel users.

Google normally releases new Play system updates on a monthly basis and began releasing extensive changelogs early last year, which summarized all the new features in each of these updates. While these updates should appear on the first of every month, this hasn’t always been the case.
More recently, Google published the release notes for the January 2023 update at the beginning of the month, but the build itself was nowhere to be seen. The Play system update that was due to be released in December 2022 never arrived on Pixel devices in time, leaving Pixel 6 and 7 owners wondering what was going on.
These reports surfaced for the first time Reddit (through android police), with Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 users now reporting that the January 2023 Play system update is suddenly available for download, three weeks into the month of January. However, a significant number of Pixel owners have reported that applying the most recent Play system update does not bring the build number to January 2023. After the reboot, the user’s phone will not update and will remain in the November 1 January 2022 release.

This was not the case for yours truly as I was able to apply the update and after a reboot the Google Play system update showed a date of January 1st 2023. The update is approximately 63 megabytes when installed on the Pixel 7, and approximately 59 megabytes when installation on the Pixel 6 series.

Go to Settings > About phone > Android version to check which version of the Play system update you have on your Pixel. In that section you will see the versions for both the Android and Google Play system updates, which ideally should both have the same month. To check if an update is available for Google Play, tap that section to check for an update. If you’re still using an old version of Google Play Services and no updates are shown as available when you tap that section, make sure your Google Play Store is up to date, although that’s no guarantee. an update.

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