Google Pay may be able to help you choose the best card for online purchases

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Google is now ready to revive its Google Wallet, and the company was happy to show it off at Google I/O. However, the Mountain View tech giant also wants to make Google Pay a better option for Android users. 9to5Google reports that the tech giant talked during a developer session on Google Pay about a possible feature that shows you which credit cards have the best rewards for your purchase.

Google Pay will get smarter in the future

Google certainly doesn’t seem ready with the idea of ​​Google Pay. As you may know, the company relaunched Google Pay in 2021 with a focus on money management and the ability to get rewards and cashback on your purchase, but the initiative didn’t go well. That said, Google has its eyes set on making Google Pay a better and more competitive option. During the Google Pay session at I/O, Rajiv Apana, a Product Lead for Google Pay, explained some of the new additions to the app and Wallet’s resurgence. Among the features discussed during the session were new APIs and tools for developers to use, as well as a glimpse of a future purpose for the app. Actually, one nifty feature that makes Google Pay stand out is the ability to search your various credit cards and find the one that offers the best reward for the purchase you make at a given time, according to Apana. The company is working to include information about points, cashback and purchase predictions as card benefits.

Despite this, there is no information or any indication that Google has decided to go for this feature and that it has included it in its roadmap. However, if the tech giant Mountain View can do that, such credit card rewards would be extremely useful and profitable.

One important thing to mention here is that such credit card reward programs are so useful and profitable if you use them correctly. However, it takes a lot of research and work to do that.

Let’s look at some possible use cases. For example, in the future, Google Pay may ask you to use one card when booking a flight, and another for the extended warranty when buying a new smartphone. And if Google makes this feature a reality, it will indeed stand out above alternatives.

At this point, Google has not shared any additional information about the project and we’ll have to wait and see how it goes. Nevertheless, it is an exciting possibility and it is hoped that Google can make this feature work.

You can watch the entire session in the video below, and the segment on Google Pay’s ability to predict and inform you about the best card to use for a purchase starts from the 6th minute.

Google Pay keeps getting better

During the same developer session, Apana also talked about other features that Google uses to enrich the Google Pay experience. One of the new things is that Google Pay is getting the handy and security-focused Virtual Cards feature. Focusing on security and privacy, the feature replaces the user’s actual credit card number with a virtual number to protect the user (and the money!) from fraudulent websites. In addition, the checkout form is automatically completed in Chrome (for Android and Desktop), so you don’t have to waste time manually entering the card number to complete your purchase.

The Virtual Cards feature should be available sometime in the summer to US users with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Capital One.

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