Google Maps scores immersive mode, improved AR and becomes more environmentally friendly

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Google just announced a brand new and rather useful Google Maps feature that allows you to literally immerse yourself in the map.

That’s right, Google Maps will soon be offering a so-called Immersive Mode in a handful of major cities around the world. You can quickly hover over a specific neighborhood or city area and quickly understand how the location feels. You will also be able to see the intriguing sights, including landmarks, locations, restaurants, and so on. In addition to preparing for a trip or simply discovering hidden local gems, Immersive Mode literally lets you dive into a neighborhood. If the virtual crow flies, yes.

Plus, you can check out the location at different times of the day, weather conditions, and see the busiest locations. You can quickly and effortlessly get to street level and virtually explore local restaurants to view the interior design and other useful information about the venue.

Interestingly enough, this feature immediately reminded us of Apple Maps’ Flyover, which also lets you, ahem, fly over a specific location. Still, Google’s implementation seems a little more useful as it allows you to see specific details about a particular location, while Apple is just a visual showcase of specific cities’ landmarks.

Google Maps’ Immersive Mode functionality is rolling out later this year, and of course not all cities around the world are supported. Initially, some megapolises will be supported (Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo), but hopefully it will be rolled out to a larger selection of cities later in the future.

Aside from the new Immersive Mode, Google Maps is also expanding its eco-routing feature to Europe. The feature allows users to choose a more environmentally friendly route whenever possible by selecting the most fuel-efficient route, and since its launch in the US and Canada, the feature has reportedly prevented more than “half a million tons of carbon emissions” from being released into the atmosphere. Very well!

Finally, Google Maps Live View scores for intricate indoor locations, such as shopping malls, airports, train stations, and hospitals. The feature gives you directions in augmented reality within seconds when you are on location. Additionally, Google allows software developers to implement the ARCore Geospatial API and bake live AR directions into their apps. This API is already helping e-scooter renters in London, Paris, Tel Aviv, Madrid, San Diego and Bordeaux to park the vehicles safely and responsibly, concertgoers in Australia find their seats and fend off avid gamers in Tokyo in virtual dragons. an AR environment.

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