Google Maps Gets Massive Update With “Immersive View”

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Everyone’s favorite app, Google Maps, is getting some new features. At the Google I/O keynote on Wednesday, some of these new features were mentioned ahead of what will apparently be a massive update to the app. Google is going to rely on its AI capabilities to add new capabilities to Google Maps, giving users a fresh new look. No longer alone able to get you from point “A” to point “B” safely and quickly, Google Maps recommends things to do, where to stay and where to eat when you go to “B”.

Immersive View, one of the new features coming to Google Maps, lets you see your destinations from different perspectives. This can help you find things to do and places to see. Immersive View is truly immersive. A slider allows users to see what a particular area looks like at different times of the day and during different weather scenarios. With the slider you also know at what times it is busier in this specific location.
Do you want to know what the atmosphere is like in a restaurant? Immersive View lets you dive down to street level and take a peek inside the eatery. This is pretty cool and Immersive View works on almost any device says google. It will be rolled out in Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo later this year. Google says it will also add additional cities later this year.

Google Maps also got a nod to I/O when the Pixel Watch was unveiled. Users can access Google Maps on their wrist, even if they’ve left their handset at home. And Google has also announced that eco-friendly routing, which it added last year for Google Maps users in the US, will be available in Europe. Last year, this institution saved more than an estimated half a million tons of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of taking 100,000 cars off the road. The company says it is currently on track to double that amount this year.

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