Google Maps eco-friendly driving can be taken to a new level, saving you some gas costs

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Google Maps already provides users with a lot of useful information, such as giving turn-by-turn directions from point “A” to point “B”. The app will also recommend things to do and see in the destination, as well as suggestions for places to stay and eat. Last October, Google began adding eco-friendly directions to Maps that aim to use less gas and produce less CO2 by suggesting directions based on factors such as road gradients, traffic flow, and distance.

Google could take this to the next level according to a teardown of the Google Maps app performed by AndroidPolice. Code found while tearing down the app suggests that Google Maps may allow you to select the type of car you’re driving and, armed with that information, the app steers you on the most energy-efficient route based on whether your vehicle is gasoline. used , Diesel, Electric, or is a Hybrid.
Different types of cars have maximum efficiency on different roads. Most combustion gas cars are more fuel efficient on the highway than in the city, where traffic lights and stop signs create more stop-and-go-like driving. Hybrids have better fuel economy in the city than on the highway, and electric vehicles are most economical at lower speeds.

If Google Maps updates to include this feature, users will be able to select the type of car they drive and the app will adjust the route it suggests to “save you the most fuel or energy.” If you later buy a new car, changes can be made to register the vehicle type and you can always choose not to provide this information to Google Maps.

Google may decide not to add this feature to Google Maps. If Google decides to go ahead, Google may want to test this before rolling it out to all Maps users. Remember that the more efficiently you use your vehicle, the more money you can save on gas.

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