Google is reportedly canceling Pixel Fold for the second time because it’s not good enough

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Google unveiled a range of new products at its May I/O conference, including products such as the Pixel tablet and translation glasses that are not expected this year. One device rumored to have failed to show up was the company’s foldable phone, which a report said could be called the Pixel Notepad instead of the Pixel Fold and a new report say it may not arrive anytime soon. Almost everyone and their sister companies now have a foldable phone in their portfolio. Google and Apple have been toying with the idea for a long time. Google came close to canceling the Pixel Fold/Notepad in November for fear it wouldn’t fare well against Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold and Flip phones, which best foldable phones out there.

In January it was reported that it was back on the table and rumors suggested that Google had made some changes along the way. For example, the phone was previously expected to have an internal screen of 7.57 inches, but a later leak said it would have a 5.8-inch screen. Other expected specs included the internal Tensor chip that fuels the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro and a camera array borrowed from the Pixel 5.

This was still not good enough or so Google thought. Korean publication the Elec reports that Google no longer plans to unveil the Pixel Fold in the fourth quarter of the year. The company originally planned to unveil the phone at the end of last year.

Apparently, Google isn’t happy with the current version and thinks something isn’t right. In the words of the outlet, “the delay is likely to mean the product isn’t as complete as Google wishes it to be.”

Meanwhile, Samsung hopes to double the sales volume of its foldable phones this year from 7.1 million units to 15 million units. The report also mentions that Google was in talks with Samsung Display about its foldable phone.

While this news will undoubtedly disappoint fans who have been waiting for the Pixel Fold, delay sounds better than a half-baked product.

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