Google engineer suspended for saying company AI is a person with thoughts and feelings

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Google’s artificial systems are credited for its Pixel smartphones exceptional photography capabilities, its powerful search engine, its Maps’ Driving Mode estimates and the voice assistant. While these are all very useful things, it seems that the company’s AI has become way too powerful in the process, to the extent that an engineer thinks an AI chatbot has come to think like a person.
Blake Lemoine is a military veteran who is a senior software engineer at Google’s Responsible AI organization. He’s been trying to convince his colleagues for months that Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications, or LaMDA, has a soul.
He has been working on the system since last fall and believes it has become aware and able to express his thoughts and feelings, reports the Washington Post (through the guard
He even interviewed LaMDA and uploaded the transcript online† Lemoine claims that if he didn’t already know that LaMDA was a computer program, he would have mistaken it for a child aged seven to eight.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

When asked about the Eliza chatbot, LaMDa said it was nothing more than an impressive piece of programming, but they use language with understanding and intelligence, which makes them different.

Artificial intelligence, as the term implies, is the simulation of human intelligence processes by computer systems, and is based on computer science and robust data sets. In simple terms, although computers are capable of storing and analyzing large amounts of data, they do not have natural intelligence. Most experts think it can take a long time for machines to gain the ability to experience feelings.

Google disagrees with Lemoine and has put him on paid leave. The company says that most of its engineers and researchers who have spoken with LaMDA have different views than Lemoine. Lemoine says the Mountain View giants repeatedly questioned his sanity.

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