Google dazzles the haters with a glossy finish for the Pixel 7

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Contrary to previous information and most expectations, the Pixel 7 will not return to the “soft-touch” glass of previous generations. Google has officially confirmed that the lineup will keep the Pixel 6’s all-gloss back design.

Apparently not all that glitters is… a matte finish? Once people got their hands on the official images of the Pixel 7 released by Google, many were quick to point out that the backs of the devices, especially around the edges, had a somewhat familiar sheen to them.

This went against what Google previously revealed in a response to tech Youtuber Marques Brownlee. The company claimed that the new Pixels would adopt the “soft-touch” glass finish of some previous generations of Pixels, most notably the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 Pro.

Google has since contacted Brownlee to correct this flaw and has now officially confirmed (again, and this time for sure) that the Pixel 7 does indeed come with a glossy finish on the glass back of the device.

This is now in line with what we’ve seen from the new Pixels so far. Unfortunately, many will be disappointed with this design choice for a number of reasons.

First, given the expected price tags of Google’s new flagships, especially the Pro version, these smartphones are clearly being marketed as more premium devices. And a glossy finish is not enough for many enthusiasts.

There’s a reason why both Apple and Samsung have switched to matte finishes for the glass backs of their high-end models. Reflective glass gives the same overall feel as plastic (aside from the weight) – something few would consider ‘premium’.

Second, a glossy finish on the back is by far the largest fingerprint magnet imaginable. Even if you could tolerate a glossy finish under normal circumstances, it only takes a few uses to make the smartphone look frankly disgusting.

All in all, this is a very strange design choice from Google. It certainly won’t break the Pixel 7 on its own, but still, it comes as a disappointment to many.

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