Google could introduce ceramic phones in the future

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The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro marked a new beginning for Google’s phone line – featuring a fresh new look and unique design, which trickled down to a more simplistic version with the recently released Pixel 6a.

Recently another well-trusted leaker with the nickname Digital Chat Station what shared information on Chinese social media website Weibo, hinting at some of Google’s plans to potentially take even more advantage of its phone’s design.

The leaker claims that two of Google’s upcoming flagship phones – with unclear release dates – will be manufactured by the same company that makes Apple’s iPhones – Foxconn. The two phones will likely be Google’s foldable phone, currently commonly referred to as the “Pixel Notepad,” and a high-end Pixel flagship.

We already have some pretty substantial leaks related to the foldable Google Pixel and more specific details about its cameras. What the mail from Mr. What makes Chat Station more intriguing, though, is the aforementioned flagship Pixel phone, which is said to be made of ceramic.

utilities, Google has so far used all kinds of materials, including plastic, glass and metal, but never ceramic. There have been phones over the years from other companies that have incorporated ceramics as a material into their construction, such as the OPPO Find X5 Pro for example. That said, it’s still a rare sight to see.

The ceramic Pixel in question comes with a 2048×1080 resolution screen, with a punch hole in the center for the selfie camera, a 50MP main camera, a periscope zoom snapper and Google’s 2nd generation Tensor chip. A Sony IMX787 64 MP sensor is also mentioned, which would supposedly be used for the regular telephoto camera.

It’s possible that the specs and quality materials mentioned above are the building blocks of a new premium Pixel phone that Google may be planning to release as a competitor to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, as indicated by 9to5Google. Most likely not the next one Pixel 7 however.

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