Google Chrome gets some new AI features on the device

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It’s no secret to anyone that surfing the web can sometimes be as dangerous as it is fun. There are many ways scammers can get your hard-earned money, sometimes without you even knowing you’ve been scammed. This is why Google uses machine learning to make its Google Chrome browser better and more secure. Now, in a new blog post, the tech giant announced a few new AI features coming to our favorite browser. And, as Google highlighted, all of these updates will use on-device machine learning models so your information stays on your device and is processed.

Chrome predictions with on-device machine learning

Site notifications can be very useful, especially if you want to stay informed about the content on a site, but for the most part, as Google said, they are just “annoying”. This is why, based on your previous choices, Chrome can predict when you’re unlikely to allow a site to send notifications, and therefore blocks those annoying notification prompts that appear when you visit a website for the first time.

In the next release of Chrome, through a new machine learning model, these predictions will take place directly on your device without the browser sending information to Google’s servers. Furthermore, in March, Google rolled out a new machine learning model for Chrome that, according to the tech giant, detects 2.5 times more potential malicious sites and phishing attacks than the previous one. In other words, your browsing will be more secure and your browsing will become a little more private.

Pages in Journeys are now automatically translated into your preferred language

Google also announced that Chrome now uses an updated AI language identification model that knows whether a page in Journeys should be translated or not based on your preferences. The tech giant shared that thanks to this updated model, it “sees tens of millions of more successful translations every day.” Journeys is a feature in Chrome that, using AI, groups your search history based on certain topics.

A toolbar to suit your preferences

Something Big G understands is that each of us has different habits. While you are browsing, you may prefer to share more links, or use voice search to find answers to your questions. This is why Chrome now uses machine learning to figure out what you enjoy doing most, and it will adjust the toolbar in real time to show the action “which is most useful at the time”. For example, it can show you the button to share a link, the button for voice search, etc.

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers out there, and it’s good news that Big G keeps improving it.

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