Google Assistant loses handy feature that sets reminders based on your location

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Whenever we mention Google Assistant, we tell you it is debatable the best of the digital helpers. Perhaps we don’t need to include the word “demonstrably” as the vast majority of tests show that the Assistant outperforms Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. But it looks like a change is coming to Google Assistant that may eliminate a feature that is often used.

According to multiple posts found on reddit (through 9to5Google), the Google Reminders feature will soon disappear. Google Reminders is used when you ask the Google Assistant to remind you to take certain action at a certain date, time, and location. For example, you can ask the Assistant to remind you to buy a 24-pack of Coke the next time you’re at Walmart. However, a screenshot shows that when Google Reminders is opened in the Google app (go to profile picturememories), a box will appear that reads, “You won’t be able to set reminders in locations soon. Learn more about alternatives.”
The box links to a Google support page which seems to suggest using Assistant routines once Google Reminders is removed. The support page states: “Important: The option to create reminders for a specific location will disappear soon. You can still create reminders at a specific time and set routines for a location.” The same post notes that assigning reminders to people will also disappear soon, and that “you can still assign reminders in Google Chat or Gmail.”

Judging by the comments on Reddit, users have mixed reactions about: Google removes this feature. Some say Reminders never worked for them, so they don’t care about Google’s apparent plan to remove it. Here’s a typical Reddit response from StockAL3Xj: “I’d say it’s a really useful feature that never worked. I tried it a few times to remind myself to do things when I got home or work, but it never reliably sent me a reminder. I think I would use it quite regularly if it worked consistently.”

We still don’t know when Google plans to remove Reminders from Google Assistant, but if you use the feature and depend on it, you might want to consider Google Keep. After installing the Keep app, tap the hamburger menu (or three-line) in the top left corner. Tap Reminders. To create one, tap the “+” icon at the bottom right of the screen.

We would be remiss not to point out that the box with the impending departure of Google Reminders on Assistant has not appeared on this writer’s Pixel 6 Pro running Android 12. On the other hand, Google’s intentions are mentioned on the support page and the warning has popped up on handsets owned by Reddit users, so we have no reason not to believe this is going to happen.

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