Genuine Google Pixel display and battery replacement kits are in for cheap self-repair

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After Google announced a repair partnership for its Pixel phones, the cunning people of i’ll fix itaka the Wild West of Gadget Disassembling, have now announced that the first Fix Kits for the last five generations of Pixels are now in stock.

These consist of genuine parts provided by Google to iFixit, along with the various tools and guides needed to replace your display, housing, camera, microphone or other internal and external parts.

Google’s move will most likely pre-empt any requirements that will come after the Right to Repair Act vote, as will Samsung has partnered with iFixit on Galaxy phone repairs, or Apple now sells original replacement kits on its website and lets third-party repair shops do the repairs that Apple Stores do.
The iFixit announcement clarifies that Google has now supplied it with genuine repair and replacement components for the Pixel 2, 3, 3a, 4, 4a, 5, 5a and Pixel 6, as well as their larger versions such as the XL and Pro models.
The OG Google phone will also get some repair Fix Kit love, but not with genuine parts, because of course Google no longer has those in stock. Here are some prices of the Pixel 6 Pro self-repair kit:
  • Google Pixel 6 Pro screen – $199.99
  • Google Pixel 6 Pro battery – $49.99
  • Google Pixel 6 Pro rear camera – $176.99

Google adheres to the letter of The Right to Repair Act

Apple realized where the wind blows this spring when it was huge expanded its Independent Repair Provider program both geographically and to more than 200 countries and in scope, giving them access to genuine components, repair manuals and tools, as well as the all-important diagnostic software for after-warranty repairs.
According to the FTC, the industry’s opposition to their vote is negated by statistics, as there is “no empirical evidence to suggest that independent repair shops are more or less likely than authorized repair shops to compromise or misuse customer dataHowever, what does the FTC vote actually mean?
It’s not really clear at this point, because the FTC could legislate, but it could take years, and it could also file lawsuits against companies that it believes are unfair to the Right to Repair principles. Still, the ruling is a boo for repair shops, as the situation with purchasing some genuine parts is as follows, according to: iFixit’s CEO Testimony for the FTC

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