Garmin introduces new Forerunner 955: now with touchscreen, new performance stats

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The new Garmin Forerunner 955 is the company’s latest high-end sports watch and it is arguably the biggest upgrade of the Forerunner 9xx series, as it now comes with a touchscreen display, the option to get it with solar charging. energy, plus it adds a ton of new performance stats and features.

The Forerunner 955 replaces the Forerunner 945 with LTE launched last year and looks much the same: it has a diameter of 46.5 mm in a housing that at 14.4 mm is only a fraction thicker than before. It also comes with a well-known fiber-reinforced polymer housing and about the same light weight of about 50g.

As this is a Forerunner, it comes with a Transflective MIP display which is extremely energy efficient and easy to see outdoors, but the screen itself is slightly larger. The previous generations used a 1.2-inch display with a resolution of 240 px, while the Forerunner 955 uses a 1.3-inch display with a resolution of 260 px.

The most impressive new feature, however, has to be that this screen is now touch-sensitive, so you can swipe and tap however you like. At the same time, you still have your trusty 5 buttons, if you prefer to use them.

  • One size 46.5mm, 14.4mm thick, 52g weight
  • Priced at $500, solar model costs $600
  • Touch screen! Also the screen is a bit bigger
  • Gorilla Glass DX Screen
  • 5ATM water resistance
  • Battery life up to 15 days (42 hours in GPS mode)
  • Stores up to 2,000 songs
  • NFC, Garmin Pay
  • HRV status and other new recovery features
  • Preloaded Maps

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New functions

Morning Report, Training Readiness, HRV Status, Race Widget, Running Power

Since this is the more expensive Forerunner watch, you get all the features available in the cheaper Forerunner 255, and some on top of that.

The list of new features includes Morning Report, a nice overview of your sleep and recovery.

A brand new stat that you have is HRV (heart rate variability) status which shows you your heart rate both during the night and over a 7 day period.

You also have some new achievement widgets like the Race Widget and Running Power. The Race Widget is a one-stop shop for training tips, suggested workouts, weather forecasts and estimated finish times for your courses. The Running Power widget measures your running performance and efficiency in real time, but requires an additional accessory, such as a compatible chest strap.

Preloaded Maps

One feature you don’t get on the Forerunner 255 is preloaded maps and can be a life saver if your travels often take you to places where cell phone coverage isn’t available.

And this feature would work much better with the new touchscreen and overall larger screen, so it’s great to have it on board.

Real-time Endurance

For example, this metric was previously available on the Garmin fenix series, and its essence is to help users manage their efforts while running or cycling, in fact it tells you how much gas you have left in the tank and allows you to monitor your pace. adjust accordingly.

You also have the handy Up Ahead feature that shows you nearby locations while you’re working out, which can be really handy too.

What do you think of the new Garmin Forerunner 955?

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