Galaxy Z Fold 4 vs Fold 3 photos show subtle changes make a world of difference

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Samsung has now confirmed that the following The Unpacked event will be held on August 10 and has begun to poke around its bendable phones, claiming they are better than the “flat” phones made by its competitors. Official renderings of the Fold 4 leaked a few days back and a alleged official video has also shown a glimpse of it.
Those renders seem to indicate that the Fold 4 will look a lot like its predecessor, and while it’s likely the handset will have the same general look as the model it will replace, Samsung has made a few subtle but significant changes, as highlighted. by a few images shared by well-known leaker Ice Universe.
The first image offers a side-by-side comparison of the top front section of the Vivo X Fold, Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 3. The Fold 4’s slimmed-down hinge and slightly thinner bezels make it look more refined than the Fold 3.

The second image shows the possible differences between the outer displays of Fold 4 and Fold 3 and if you look closely, the first appears to have a wider aspect ratio, as was suggested by leaked case footage and rumours. The Fold 3’s outer screen can be a pain to use because it feels so cramped due to the high aspect ratio. This is going to change with the next generation. Leaks say the outer screen will have a 23:9 ratio, wider than Fold 3’s 24.5:9, and the inner screen will have a 6:5 ratio instead of 5:4 .

The Fold 4’s screen will be about the same size as the Fold 3 – 7.56-inch and 6.19-inch, so a wider aspect ratio will result in some extra space.

As far as the other design elements go, not much changes except for the fold of the main screen, which is perhaps a little less noticeable and the phone can also be a somewhat lighter.
The Fold 4 will reportedly feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen1 and will feature the same 4,400mAh cell as its predecessor. The phone will probably be same price as the Fold 3.

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