Galaxy Z Fold 4 camera: everything we know so far

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Samsung is said to be working on several camera upgrades for the Galaxy Z Fold 4, which is expected to be released along with the Galaxy Z Flip 4 sometime during the company’s annual Unpacked event in August.

The cameras found on the current Galaxy Z Fold 3 can deliver satisfying results on par with other flagships on the market. That said, there’s still quite a bit of room for improvement.

Fortunately, there are already several leaks and rumors that paint a picture of what camera upgrades we can expect with the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Here we’ll go into detail about everything we know so far about the Z Fold 4 cameras and this one. updating regularly as new information continues to pour out of the rumor mill.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 camera upgrades: what we expect

The latest rumor points to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 getting a 50MP main camera, at least according to renowned leaker Ice Universe. By comparison, the Z Fold 3 has a 12MP main camera, so the jump here, at least in megapixel count, is pretty big. However, the new Fold may use pixel binning for the default shooting mode. There were also some claims that we could see the Galaxy S22 Ultra 108MP main camera adapted to the upcoming Z Fold 4, but that seems highly unlikely at this point. point. First, there simply isn’t enough room in either half of Samsung’s high-end foldable housing to accommodate such a large sensor.

In appearance there are also Leaked renders of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 point to a similar three-camera design to the one on the S22 Ultra, i.e. there isn’t a single camera island with every snapper sticking out of the back.

The new Galaxy Z Fold is also accompanied by a 12 MP 3x telephoto camera. Ice Universe claims it would be Samsung’s best 3x telephoto unit yet, even better than the one on the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Don’t expect periscope 10x telephoto cameras though – that’s definitely too big a module to fit in the Z Fold 4.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the Z Fold 4’s telephoto camera yet, other than that it may come with 12MP. There’s a good chance Samsung would be using the same handset that rocks the predecessor, be it for the rumored lower price tag or for some other reason.

Now, when it comes to front-facing cameras, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 was quite lacking in that department. The good news is that Samsung is reportedly planning to address that setback.

It is rumored that both selfie cameras on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will be located below their respective screens – internal and bezel – while previously it was only the internal one. This could mean that Samsung is now happy enough with the under-display camera tech to use it on both front-facing cameras, hinting at quality and performance improvements.

How many cameras does the new Galaxy Z Fold have?

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 would most likely come with a triple camera array on the back and two cameras on the front – one on the inner display and another on the cover display.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 camera: how many megapixels will it get?

Here’s the Galaxy Z Fold 4 camera system and its rumored megapixels:

  • Main camera – 50MP
  • 3x telephoto camera – 12MP
  • Ultra-wide camera – 12 MP

Nothing is currently known about the number of megapixels for the two selfie cameras. We will update this article as new information comes to light.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 camera upgrades:

Upgraded camera with 3x telephoto zoom

As mentioned before, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is rumored to come with the best 3x telephoto camera Samsung has ever put in its phones. That means it would also be better than the one found on the high-end Galaxy S22 Ultra, but take this information with a grain of salt for now, as details like aperture or pixel size are lacking at this point.

Brand new 50MP sensor for the main camera

Samsung is increasing the pixel count of the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s main camera, but it could very well come with more improvements than just more pixels. For example, pixel binning can be applied where multiple pixels act as a single larger one to collect more light. In other words, we could also see improved low-light performance on the new Fold, especially with the new Snapdragon Gen 8 Gen 1 Plus, which can help on the software side.

New, supposedly improved selfie cameras below the display

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 only had one selfie camera below the display and didn’t offer much when it came to image quality. The Z Fold 4 is said to come with two front cameras under the display, implying that Samsung is now comfortable enough with the advancement of technology to use it on both. Chances are, Samsung’s new Z Fold will be capable of better selfies and video calls.

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