Galaxy Watch 4 disconnects from phones randomly; could be the Assistant’s fault

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Galaxy Watch 4 users were ecstatic to finally have a digital assistant better than Bixby on their smartwatch. That is until some of them discovered an issue that appeared to be the result of the update Google Assistant brought to their watch. The problem? According to some reddit users, after installing Google Assistant, many Galaxy Watch 4 devices disconnected from the phones they were paired with.
To make matters worse, attempts to re-pair the watch and phone in question don’t work as both devices pretend they were never connected and don’t recognize each other. For example, Redditor u/SnooBeans6722 wrote: “I updated the Google Assistant feature yesterday and played with it on and off. I even used my watch this morning to track a workout. But now my watch won’t connect to my phone.”

He continues. “My phone no longer lists my watch as a device in the Wear app. When I try to click add, it prompts me to pair it as if it were paired to a new phone, and asks to add my watch. erase (which I don’t really want to do as it’s a pain to reset all cards on Samsung Pay. I’ve tried restarting both the phone and watch, updating all apps, turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and turning it back on, nothing works.”

There is some bad news from others writing in the thread. They claim that the only solution that others have found that works is to completely reset the watch. As others point out, doing this is a pain in the butt. But once you’ve decided that completely resetting your watch is the way to go, make sure you’ve backed up the data on your timepiece before starting the process of completely resetting your Galaxy Watch. 4.

In addition to the problem of disconnecting the phone it’s paired with, the Galaxy Watch 4 also has other issues with always-on hotword detection for Assistant, which drains the battery quickly. And to make matters worse, the Google Assistant doesn’t always seem to catch you saying “Hey Google.”

Hopefully, Google may send an update to fix these issues.

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