Galaxy S23 Ultra: Phone cameras have come a long way, being a YouTuber or influencer used to be hard

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The year 2023 begins with a “galactic” bang, but not the kind where a meteor crashes into Earth. Although we could argue that Samsung is highly anticipated The Galaxy S23 series to be announced in a week is something of a meteoric event for us mobile tech enthusiasts.

In any case, of course, the top model of Samsung’s new phones – the Galaxy S23 Ultra – steal most of the attention for themselves. Recently we saw a few impressive night mode shots from the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s camera, showing us that it can virtually turn a pitch black scene into day. If only I could photograph my soul, right?

Anyway, this got me thinking about how times have changed for the better for us creative people over the past 20+ years. Especially those of us who work with video.

I bet you, like me, were there when videos first started to become a thing on the web, particularly during the later years of MySpace and of course the early years of YouTube. You don’t have to guess which of the two stuck. Just ask a child what they want to be when they grow up…

Hint: their answer won’t be “a MySpacer”.

But it’s not just kids who dream of an influencer lifestyle. Filming videos and having viewers and followers that reward you with likes and virtual hearts – it’s become huge with pretty much everyone in the digital age, because it clicks with our most primal, fundamental drive to be recognized and appreciated.

And on that note, we come back to the topic of the Galaxy S23 Ultra and perhaps its biggest selling point: the camera.

Leaked Galaxy S23 Ultra Night Mode footage shows us that this won’t just be an 8K video beast and a zoom beast. Photos in even the toughest conditions look great!

The alleged Galaxy S23 Ultra camera samples shown above were recently shared on Twitter, showing impressive low-light performance from (most likely) its huge 200MP main camera.

Plus, the phone is rumored to have 10x or even 30x zoom capabilities, meaning it’s eerily easy to snap a photo of your neighbor from three blocks away. Hopefully you do that by mutual consent, mate!

But perhaps most importantly, at least for the topic at hand, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be capable of 8K, 30FPS (frames per second) video recording, a first on a Galaxy!

And those video qualities are exactly what should grab the attention of today’s youth, who statistically will probably be trying hard to build a YouTube career, if iPhones weren’t so damn popular and mainstream…

Because if I were a kid today, let me tell you that a month ago the Galaxy S23 Ultra would have been number one on my Christmas wish list. But for better or worse, when I was in my early teens, getting on YouTube was a lot more challenging and confusing…

Steps to be a YouTuber in 2008: buy an expensive camera, film grainy videos, edit and export forever, upload in 480p resolution…

I remember my first camcorder that I managed to convince my parents to buy me, for my first attempt at the then-new YouTube scene. It was expensive (for the time), worked with MiniDVD discs (remember?), and even the “simple” act of transferring footage from it to the huge, slow, beige box that computers were was hell.

“Best” part – during filming, the camera had a tendency to skip and randomly cut the frames, as the slightest vibration can cause a disk problem while reading or writing. Which of course it was.

Afterwards, all that not-so-great footage you ended up with, filled with scan lines and unwanted fragments, wasn’t exactly easy to edit and turn into a finished video either. There were no phones with free (or cheap) video editing apps to turn to.

Enter Movie Maker, the program almost every kid used to create their then-cool, now objectively mediocre, but still charming late 2000s-looking videos for YouTube. It wasn’t exactly a powerful program, but it came with Windows and was free, which was the perfect price for an unemployed teen willing to pay.

So yes, those are just some of the hurdles that kids will never have to face these days. But I’ll try to avoid a longer “kids these days” diatribe because it’s not like they’re to blame for anything, I’m just restrained bitter about not growing up with better technology.

But hey, we’re here now, and that “better technology” promised to us by every 2000s sci-fi movie is here! The Galaxy S23 Ultra is literally days away from being announced and released. So let’s look at the present with awe, instead of reminiscing about the not-so-distant past.

Steps to being a YouTuber in 2023: Buy a Galaxy S23 Ultra, point and shoot, edit and export quickly from the phone itself, upload in 8K resolution before most people even have 8K screens to see it! Lead the way; easy!

Don’t drown in the past, enjoy the present! I’ve been telling myself for years, as in my eyes – it’s the right way to live your life. We are so lucky to live in such technologically advanced times!

We could point to any of the upcoming Galaxy S23 models and call it a perfect phone for an aspiring YouTuber, but the Galaxy S23 Ultra in particular is pretty much future proof too.

As the not-so-secret leaks claim, it will be able to film in super-high 8K resolution, which YouTube does indeed support, even if most people still don’t have 8K displays or TVs to experience it with.

But eventually we will.

Want to get a few steps ahead of some of the bigger and hugely profitable YouTube channels? The S23 Ultra makes 8K video capture possible for consumers without purchasing ultra-expensive professional equipment.

Even Apple’s very popular (especially with kids) iPhones don’t yet offer such high resolution for video recording, and will probably only do so after it’s more widely adopted by our home displays and TVs.

So color me excited as soon I will have a chance to enjoy an advanced camera phone like the S23 Ultra, and comes from one of the top brands i.e. Samsung! The child in me couldn’t be happier, and the “I” in me – somehow even more so.

Galaxy S23 series is just a week away from being announced, do you plan to use those cameras, and how?

Share your thoughts – are you planning to use any of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S23 phones for videos? Do you think it’s a good phone for that, or are there more attractive options available?

In any case, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series will be announced on February 1 and will probably be released a few weeks later. Pre-order reservations are already open on Samsung’s website, and with a discount too!

Stay tuned for our full Galaxy S23 Review, Galaxy S23 Plus review and of course Galaxy S23 Ultra review, coming soon enough!

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